54.314 Certifications

Q1: Are state commissions required to certify everything all at once or can certifications be done in batches?
Q2: Can the FCC be notified electronically?
Q3: For a state PUC certification, can the Chief of Staff be the representative?
Q4: Are there instructional videos for completing 54.314?
Q5: When will state commission filers receive their user ID and password after sending in the request form?
Q6: Do MF-1 (Mobility Fund, Phase 1) SACs need to be certified individually?
Q7: Once the SACs are certified by states, are they recorded on the USAC certification search sections to verify they are recorded?
Q8: Our state has a SAC that is formally attached to a bordering state. However, the study area overlaps two states. Will the online system permit more than one state certification for the same SAC? If not, will we continue to need to file a hard-copy certification?
Q9: How do you change the name of an ILEC online if the name differs from what was reported last year?
Q10: Are state commissions required to certify Lifeline program-only carriers as well?
Q11: Using the online filing system (E-File), can you certify for just the preceding calendar year but not the next? For example, could I certify for 2014 but not 2016?
Q13: Are usernames and passwords the same from year to year?
Q14: If I file online, do I also have to send a certification by email or mail to USAC?