Filing and Certifications

Q10: Where in CFR Section 54.313 or Section 54.422 does it indicate that a Company Officer must make the certification?
Q11: If a revision to an FCC Form 481 were filed, would USAC consider ways to notify state commissions and the FCC of those revisions?
Q12: Is it true that only FCC designated ETCs need to complete CFR Section 54.422(b)(1)-(4)? Do these rules also apply to state designated ETCs that received only Lifeline Program support?
Q13: For Program Year 2025, is the reporting year, for purposes of answering questions on the form, considered to be 2023?
Q14: If you have an ETC who is a CLEC and does not receive HCL or Lifeline program support are they required to file an annual FCC Form 481 report?