Applicant Process

The Cybersecurity Pilot Program application, or FCC Form 484 Part One, will open this fall. Follow the steps below to prepare.

  1. Evaluate your school or library’s cybersecurity needs:
    1. Set goals and objectives for participation
    2. Identify risks the Pilot Program can help address
    3. Determine cybersecurity experience and expertise
    4. Identify designated cybersecurity officer or senior staff member
    5. Catalogue services and equipment to be purchased
  2. Identify the services and equipment your school or library might need. The Pilot Eligible Services List (P-ESL) contains a non-exhaustive list of the types of eligible services and equipment, including:
    1. Advanced/next generation firewalls
    2. Endpoint protection
    3. Identity protection and authentication
    4. Monitoring, detection and response
  3. Obtain or confirm that the necessary registrations are up to date:
    1. FCC Registration Number (FRN)
    2. USAC Billed Entity Number (BEN)
    3. E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC) User Registration
    4. Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)
  4. Confirm your eligibility for payment:
    1. FCC Red Light Status
    2. U.S. Treasury Do Not Pay List
  5. Review other federal resources:
    1. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency
    2. Department of Education Cybersecurity Preparedness

Once the FCC Form 484 Part One filing window has closed, the FCC will select pilot participants and announce awardees in a Public Notice. To facilitate the inclusion of a diverse set of Pilot projects and to target Pilot funds to the populations most in need of cybersecurity support, the FCC will award support to a combination of large and small and urban and rural schools, libraries, and consortia, with an emphasis on funding proposed Pilot projects that include low-income and Tribal applicants. The selected participants will then complete the FCC Form 484 Part Two.

The Pilot Program will follow processes established in E-Rate program. Participants will complete the competitive bidding process to solicit bids and procure the requested cybersecurity services and equipment, unless subject to a competitive bidding exemption. After participants submit requests for services and equipment, they will receive a Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) approving or denying your funding requests. Participants and service providers may submit requests for reimbursement from the Pilot Program after services or equipment are delivered.