Q1: When did the FCC designate Huawei and ZTE?
Q2: When did the FCC release the Covered List?
Q3: What companies are included on the Covered List?
Q5: Will the FCC publish a list of the parents, affiliates and subsidiaries of companies on the Covered List?
Q6: What is the difference between a Covered Company and the Covered List?
Q8: Is the equipment listed on the Covered List limited only to the SNA sections 2 A through C or all equipment and services?
Q9: What are the expectations of an ETC versus service provider as they certify compliance?
Q10: What types of documents will the auditors examine?
Q11: If an applicant self-identifies a piece of covered equipment on their network that was acquired using USF funds, what should they do next to ensure compliance?
Q12: If covered equipment is found on the applicant’s network, is there any way to cure the audit finding?
Q13: Will the National Supply Chain audit methodology be the same/similar audit sampling methodology for selecting applicants that is used in other audits such as BCAP?
Q14: Who will USAC audit?
Q15: How do carriers accurately identify subsidiaries and aliases? What are reasonable sources of this information?