Beginning Q1 2022, USAC will conduct audits to determine USF recipients’ compliance with these new supply chain rules. USAC will select a sample of service providers and program participants to audit. These audits will continue on a rolling basis over the next few years and will be separate from BCAP audits or PQA assessments.

If your company is selected for an audit, you will receive an audit announcement letter closer to the start date of the audit that will provide information about the audit and next steps. Please have documentation readily available for the auditors and refer to this document list as a general guide: Supply Chain documentation.

Supply Chain Audit Webinar

To help you prepare for supply chain audits beginning in 2022, USAC hosted a supply chain audit webinar that highlights how to prepare for the audits and what to expect if selected. The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Program participant responsibilities
  • USAC’s role and responsibilities
  • Our audit approach
  • How to prepare for these audits

Additionally, USAC will continue to update its website with more information about these audits. Please stay tuned, as we are committed to providing as much detail as we can over the next few months. See our National Supply Chain Audit Strategy.


National Supply Chain Audit Webinar
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