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Additional EBB Program Data

Total Enrolled EBB Program Subscribers by Method of Verification

Method of Verification* Total Subscribers
Lifeline 2,885,961
National Verifier Application 1,141,446
Alternative Verification Process 1,107,044
Verified by School 5,068
Total 5,139,519

*Note: Method of Verification refers to the process used to verify consumer eligibility for the EBB Program. The statute establishing the EBB Program allows flexibility in the eligibility verification methods available to service providers and consumers. Lifeline consumers are automatically eligible to participate in the program. For consumers who do not currently participate in Lifeline, participating EBB Program providers may use the National Verifier for eligibility verification. Providers also have the option to obtain FCC approval for an Alternative Verification Process that they can use in addition to, or instead of, the National Verifier. Providers may also rely on schools for eligibility verification with respect to households with students who participate in the free and reduced price school lunch or school breakfast programs.

Total Enrolled EBB Program Subscribers by Age

Age Category Total Subscribers
18-24 298,291
25-49 2,735,820
50-64 1,412,538
65-84 654,144
85+ 38,726

Total Enrolled EBB Program Subscribers by Service Type

Service Type Total Subscribers Percent of Total
Mobile Broadband 3,502,539 68.1%
Fixed Broadband** 1,608,174 31.3%
Fixed Wireless or Satellite 28,806 0.6%
Total 5,139,519 100%

**Note: Includes cable, DSL, and fiber.

Applicant-Selected Eligibility Categories on National Verifier Applications

When applying for the EBB Program in the National Verifier, applicants are told to select all applicable categories that would qualify the household.  As a result, this table reports all eligibility categories identified on all EBB National Verifier applications, and the total categories selected by applicants will exceed the number of National Verifier applications received.

Eligibility Category Selected by Applicant Administering Agency Total NV Applications
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program U.S. Department of Agriculture 1,222,337
Medicaid Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 1,029,094
National School Lunch or School Breakfast Program U.S. Department of Agriculture 523,999
Household Income Less than 135% of Federal Poverty Level 343,961
Substantial Loss of Income (with Total Household Income Below $99K for Single Filers or $198K for Joint Filers) 336,784
Supplemental Security Income Social Security Administration 277,029
Federal Pell Grant U.S. Department of Education 184,098
Federal Public Housing Assistance U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 120,482
Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 24,135
Tribal Food Distribution U.S. Department of Agriculture 1,765
Tribal General Assistance U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs 1,705
Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 826
Tribal Head Start U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 679
Total 4,066,894


All of the data on the Additional EBB Program Data page will be updated monthly. The data was last updated on September 1.