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Emergency Broadband Benefit Program Enrollments and Claims Tracker

Total Enrolled Households – Weekly

Total Households Non-Tribal Tribal
June 13 2,553,283 2,486,778 66,505
June 6 2,313,947 2,252,505 61,442
May 30 1,991,580 1,937,966 53,614
May 23 1,514,634 1,485,545 29,089
May 12 – 16 (partial week) 355,813 353,391 2,422

Newly Enrolled Households – Weekly

Total Households Non-Tribal Tribal
June 7 – 13 239,336 234,273 5,063
May 31 – June 6 322,367 314,539 7,828
May 24 – 30 476,946 452,421 24,525
May 17 – 23 1,158,821 1,132,154 26,667
May 16 (partial week) 355,813 353,391 2,422

Claimed Support – To Date

Total Monthly Broadband Support One-Time Connected Device
Appropriation (Total Program Funding) $3,136,000,000
Total Support Claimed To Date TBD TBD TBD
Remaining Appropriations Available for Disbursement TBD

Claimed Support – Monthly

Total Monthly Broadband Support One-Time Connected Device
May Claims TBD TBD TBD

Enrollments by State

Alabama 35,270
Alaska 1,040
American Samoa 268
Arizona 87,187
Arkansas 36,001
California 250,234
Colorado 33,485
Connecticut 18,112
Delaware 4,334
District of Columbia 5,196
Florida 121,842
Georgia 105,745
Guam 2
Hawaii 6,401
Idaho 7,348
Illinois 62,406
Indiana 68,061
Iowa 21,221
Kansas 21,137
Kentucky 77,363
Louisiana 87,922
Maine 10,231
Maryland 50,044
Massachusetts 24,972
Michigan 94,028
Minnesota 34,861
Mississippi 21,028
Missouri 55,322
Montana 3,267
Nebraska 7,408
Nevada 41,087
New Hampshire 3,738
New Jersey 21,597
New Mexico 26,278
New York 127,421
North Carolina 74,731
North Dakota 908
Northern Mariana Islands 1,030
Ohio 160,068
Oklahoma 61,133
Oregon 20,338
Pennsylvania 110,566
Puerto Rico 80,030
Rhode Island 8,377
South Carolina 48,238
South Dakota 876
Tennessee 52,189
Texas 151,879
Utah 12,358
Vermont 4,110
Virgin Islands 144
Virginia 45,923
Washington 61,630
West Virginia 28,479
Wisconsin 57,636
Wyoming 783
Total 2,553,283


This tracker will be updated on a weekly and monthly basis. Enrollment data will be updated weekly. Support claimed and remaining funds will be updated on a monthly basis, on or around the 22nd of each month.

The tracker was last updated on June 14, 2021.


Appropriation refers to the total program funding that is available for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB Program) from the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. The amount listed excludes funding designated for administrative costs.

EBB Program Providers are broadband providers that have elected to participate in the EBB Program. These providers are required to submit a reimbursement request through the EBB Program claims process in the Lifeline Claims System in order to receive reimbursement from the Emergency Broadband Connectivity Fund for discounts on internet monthly broadband services and associated equipment rentals, and a one-time reimbursement for connected devices, if available, provided to enrolled households.

Monthly Broadband Support refers to the total amount claimed by EBB Program Providers for reimbursement of EBB discounts provided to enrolled EBB households to reduce the standard rate of eligible broadband service and associated equipment rentals in a given month.

Newly Enrolled Households refers to the number of EBB Program households that are newly enrolled in the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) as of the data week.

One-Time Connected Device Reimbursement refers to a single reimbursement to an EBB Program Provider of up to $100 for one connected device per household.  Connected devices are defined as laptops, desktop computers, or tablets.  EBB Program Providers are not required to offer a connected device through the EBB Program.

Reimbursement Type refers to the type of benefit claimed by an EBB Program Provider. Providers may claim a monthly discount on the standard rate for broadband service for eligible households or a one-time device reimbursement per household.

Support Claimed refers to the amount of reimbursement that is claimed by EBB Program Providers for provision of EBB discounts to households. Providers certify the total monthly support amount each month in order to receive reimbursement.

Tribal Status refers to whether or not the claimed household lives on qualifying Tribal lands. Households on Tribal lands can receive a monthly EBB discount of up to $75, whereas non-Tribal subscribers can receive up to $50 for monthly broadband service and associated equipment rentals.