Common Audit Findings: Rural Health Care Program

In USAC’s continuing efforts to ensure carriers are successful at implementing Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and program requirements, we have put together a list of some of the most common problem areas identified during audits and Payment Quality Assurance (PQA) reviews.

For more information about the audit process, review the Beneficiary and Contributor Audit Program (BCAP) page of our website. Using this information will help to expedite the audit process and should reduce or eliminate audit findings in the future.

Audit Findings

For each common audit finding, we have outlined a description of the finding and some ways to prevent a finding like this in the future. We have also, where possible, provided some examples.


Understanding multiple programs with different rules is complicated. Rural Health Care (RHC) program non-compliance is most often caused by an inadequate knowledge of or familiarity with program rules. USAC will continue to provide clarification and information to applicants in an effort to improve program compliance and success.

FINDING: Rural Rates were not Properly Determined (Telecom Program)
FINDING: Rural Rates not Substantiated (Telecom Program)
FINDING: RHC Telecommunications Program Invoiced for Ineligible Services or Equipment (Telecom Program)
FINDING: Urban Rate not Substantiated (Telecom Program)
FINDING: Urban rates were not properly determined (Telecom Program)
FINDING: Service Provider Charged the Beneficiary a Rate Higher than the Urban Rate (Telecom Program)
FINDING: Competitive Bidding Process is not Fair and Open; Inadequate Competitive Bidding Process.