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Step 5 Invoicing

Updated July 2016

FCC Form 474 Filing

Service providers may submit an FCC Form 474, Service Provider Invoice (SPI), to USAC to request payment for eligible services provided at discounted prices.

What to File

FCC Form 474 (Service Provider Invoice (SPI) Form)
File this form online or electronically.

Purpose of Form

Service providers file an FCC Form 474 (SPI Form) to request payment of the discount amount for eligible services after billing applicants for the non-discount share of the cost of those services.

When to File

Service providers can file SPI Forms after the applicant has filed an FCC Form 486, the service provider has filed an FCC Form 473, Service Provider Annual Certification (SPAC) Form for that funding year, services have started, and the service provider has billed the applicant for the non-discount share of the cost of those services.

SPI Forms can be submitted for one-time charges or monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or less frequently. However, the non-discount share of the cost of the services featured on the SPI Form must have been billed to the applicant.

Deadline: The SPI Form must be received or postmarked no later than 120 days after the last date to receive service or 120 days after the date of the FCC Form 486 Notification Letter, whichever is later.

If the SPI Form is submitted after the deadline, the applicant or the service provider must file - and USAC must grant - an invoice deadline extension request before a SPI Form can be resubmitted.

After Filing

USAC issues a remittance statement to the service provider upon successful data entry of the SPI Form.