Rural Health Care

Step 6 Submit Funding Requests

Once a service provider is selected, the next step is for the applicant to submit the FCC Form 462, Funding Request Form, to provide information about the services selected and certify that those services were the most cost-effective option of the offers received.

USAC will perform a preliminary review of the funding request for accuracy and completeness. If any deficiencies are found, USAC will request clarifications or corrections from the applicant. The applicant will have 14 calendar days to perform requested actions identified by USAC. Once the FCC Form 462 is considered to be accurate and complete, USAC will process the funding request. Once the applicant receives a funding commitment, it may invoice USAC after receiving a bill from the service provider (discussed in Step 7).

Applicants are prohibited from submitting funding requests for the same service (circuit) in the Telecommunications Program and the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program.