Merger, Sales, and Deactivations

If your company is undergoing a major change such as the changes listed below, you must notify USAC and the FCC and submit all applicable deactivation requests and updates for your Filer ID or 498 ID(s) (formerly known as SPIN).

Read the steps below to learn about changes that occur and what to do about them.

What is your company’s situation? To deactivate your Filer ID, fill out this form: How does this situation affect your
498 ID(s)?
Sale of one entity to another* Sale of One Entity to Another You may want to merge, consolidate, or deactivate your 498 ID(s), or update remittance and contact information. Visit the Manage My 498 ID page to learn more.
Merger of one entity with another Merger of One Entity With Another
Consolidation with a parent or other entity Consolidation with a Parent or other Entity
Going out of business Going Out of Business  You must deactivate all 498 ID(s) associated with the company that is going out of business or declaring bankruptcy.
Declaring bankruptcy Declaring Bankruptcy
No longer providing telecom services Company Still in Business but No Longer Providing Telecom Services If you still participate in universal service programs, your 498 ID(s) can remain open.

* If the purchasing company wants to retain the Filer ID, call Customer Operations to discuss your options.

To Deactivate Your Filer ID

  1. Complete and return the appropriate Filer ID Deactivation Request Form (options listed above based on company’s situation) to USAC with all supporting documentation.
  2. Update your CORES ID information. Visit the database and click “Update Your Registration Information.”
  3. Log in to your E-File account within 90 days of receiving the deactivation confirmation notice to submit FCC Form 499 filings and make payments before it’s automatically terminated. If you need account access longer than 90 days, you must submit a Temporary Access Request to USAC.

What happens after I submit my request to deactivate my Filer ID?

It could take up to 60 days from the date that USAC receives all of the required documentation for the deactivation to be reflected on the USAC invoice and sent to the administrators of TRS, NANPA, and LNP. Be sure to include all supporting documentation with the deactivation form. Deactivated Filer ID information is sent to the other fund administrators once a month.

To Deactivate Your 498 ID(s)

  1. Download and print out the FCC Form 498.
  2. Mark “Request for Deactivation” on the FCC Form 498.
  3. Complete the full first page and signature page of the form.
  4. Provide supporting documentation that indicates the reason for the deactivation.
  5. Send the form and all supporting documentation to USAC via email or U.S. mail. For U.S. mail, send to the following address:Universal Service Administrative Co.
    Attn: FCC Form 498
    700 12th Street, NW
    Suite 900
    Washington, DC 20005

What happens after I submit my request to deactivate my 498 ID(s)?

Upon receipt of any deactivation requests, USAC will review the 498 ID(s) being deactivated to ensure that no outstanding payments are due. For outstanding balances, the service provider will be contacted and asked to resolve the outstanding payments within seven business days.

Upon completion of the review, USAC will send an acknowledgement letter to the service provider confirming the request to deactivate the 498 ID(s). The service provider will need to return this letter, acknowledging the deactivation, within five business days or the deactivation request will be rejected.

Once the acknowledgment letter is returned to USAC, the 498 ID(s) will be deactivated.

What happens if I don’t deactivate?

Failure to deactivate your Filer ID where appropriate could result in continual invoicing for universal service contributions. USAC may also contact you for failure to file your FCC Forms 499-A/Q.