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Step 5: Invoice USAC

USAC Invoice Payment Cycle (HCF and Telecom Programs) for Service Providers

USAC pays invoices to service providers in batches. Batches are paid on the 6th and the 21st of each month (except weekends and holidays, where the payment batch date would fall on the next business day).  Invoices that USAC approves are typically processed in the upcoming payment batch. Service providers can expect the payment from the approved invoice (FCC Form 463 or Telecom Program Invoice) to arrive in their bank accounts three (3) business days after the payment batch date.

HCF Program Invoicing

In the HCF Program, invoicing is a joint process between you and the HCP using the FCC Form 463 (Invoice and Request for Disbursement Form).

Invoicing Process

Once an HCP receives a bill, it can create an invoice for the services received using the FCC Form 463. The HCP must certify that the form is accurate and that they or another eligible source have paid the minimum 35-percent contribution. Next, the HCP sends the FCC Form 463 to you for approval through My Portal. You will review the FCC Form 463 and certify its accuracy, then submit the form to USAC. Once USAC receives the FCC Form 463, it processes the form and, if approved, distributes funds to you, the service provider.

Invoicing Deadline

The FCC Form 463 is due to USAC no later than six (6) months from the funding commitment end date. This invoicing deadline is included in the funding commitment letter (FCL), which USAC sends via email after approving the FCC Form 462 (Funding Request Form). Remember, this deadline refers to the date by which the FCC Form 463 must be approved, signed, and certified by both the HCP and you, and submitted to USAC. This means that you and your HCP must allow plenty of time in advance of the invoicing deadline to review the form, check for and resolve any errors, certify and sign the form, and then submit to USAC.

Please note: You and the HCP must submit a certified FCC Form 463 to USAC before the invoicing deadline (see Healthcare Connect Fund Order (FCC 12-150)). Once the invoicing deadline passes, you will not be able to create an FCC Form 463 in My Portal.

Invoicing Deadline for HCF Extended by FCC Order DA 20-345: Additional Relief for HCPs due to COVID-19

HCF Program Rules require applicants to complete their invoicing six months after the end of their funding commitment. FCC Order DA 20-354 grants applicants a 180-day extension of the invoice filing deadline for FY2019 funding requests. Read more here.

FCC Releases Order DA 20-1092: Certain FY2019 Invoice Deadlines Waived

On September 16, 2020, the FCC released Order DA 20-1092 to provide relief to applicants and service providers who received funding year (FY) 2019 funding commitment letters (FCLs) after or within 180 days of the invoice filing deadline. The Order allows these entities to submit invoices to USAC within 180 days from the later of the release date of this Order or the issuance of an FCL by USAC.

The Order includes an appendix identifying applicants that USAC already knows fall into this waiver category.  These, plus any other applicants and service providers subsequently identified by USAC that fall into this category, may benefit from this waiver.

Applicants and service providers who miss invoice deadlines that fall within these parameters do not need to submit individual requests for a waiver.

Invoicing Deadline Lookup

You can also look up your invoicing deadline on the spreadsheet below.

*For FY2019 FRNs committed in September 2020, the invoicing deadline will be updated in the coming weeks and will be reflected in the invoicing spreadsheet. You will be notified via email when your invoice deadline has been extended.

  • NEW: To enable the search feature, set “Calculation Options” in your Excel program as “Automatic”
    • Menu> Formulas> Calculation> Calculation Options> Set “Automatic”
  • To search: Use the “Search HCP #” and the “Search FRN #” to find invoicing deadline information. To clear the search and start again, use the “Reset” button.
    • This spreadsheet includes:
      • All FRNs with future invoicing deadlines
      • All FRNs that are less than 6 months past their expiration
    • This spreadsheet is for the purposes of identifying the invoicing deadline for your commitment only. This spreadsheet does not reflect form submissions, payment status, or funds remaining. If you have questions on remaining funding, you can log into My Portal or email the RHC Help Desk.
    • This spreadsheet is updated on a bi-weekly basis.

Telecom Program Invoicing

After receiving the FCC Form 467, USAC sends an HCP support schedule (HSS) to you and the HCP. The HSS provides a detailed report of the approved service(s) and support information for you and the HCP Once you receive and review the HCP Support Schedule (HSS), you must credit the HCP’s account in the next billing cycle, and then log in to My Portal and submit an online invoice to USAC. After you submit the online invoice, USAC will process it within 24 hours.

HCP Support Schedule (HSS) Contents

You will use the HSS to determine how much credit the HCP will receive each month. Credit the support to the Billing Account Number shown on the HSS. A sample support schedule is available for download. The HSS includes the following information:

  • Funding year;
  • HCP number;
  • FRN;
  • Billing Account Number (BAN);
  • HCP name;
  • 498 ID and service provider name;
  • Supported service;
  • Support start date;
  • Support end date; and
  • Support amount: per month ($) and total support for the funding year.

When You Receive the HSS

USAC sends the HSS to you and the HCP after processing the FCC Form 467. Once you receive the HSS, review it to ensure the following:

  • The 498 ID is correct;
  • The service being supported was actually working and being billed for the time period on the HSS; and
  • The BAN listed on the schedule is the same BAN attached to the service and HCP location or HCP mailing organization and address

If there is an error or you have any questions about the information on the HSS, contact the RHC Help Desk (before you apply program discounts).

Once you have reviewed the HSS, you can begin applying the approved discounts to the HCP during the next billing cycle. The entity that receives the bill and pays for the service is the “billed entity.”

You may provide credit to the billed entity in one of two ways:

  • Send a check to the billed entity using the BAN in the HSS, or
  • Provide a credit on the bill of the billed entity using the BAN in the HSS.

Provide Support Credit on a Bill

The credited amount should equal the support amount on the HSS for the BAN except the first month’s credit, which should equal the support amount for the current month plus all previous months on the schedule (retroactive support).

  • If the HSS indicates that an HCP should receive $100 per month for 12 full months of the Funding Year (July – June), and the HCP receives the HSS in February after the Funding Year has started, then the March bill should include a $900 credit for July through March (i.e., nine months of support)

When and Where to Send Invoices

You may submit online invoices to USAC on a rolling basis. The first invoice may be cumulative (beginning with the start date of approved funding up to the previous month), but you may not invoice for future months.


The material on these webpages is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting the RHC Program rules, orders, and other primary sources of information. Applicants and service providers are ultimately responsible for knowing and complying with all RHC Program rules and procedures.