Rural Health Care

Step 5 Support Schedule

The FCC Form 467 is a form used by the HCP to confirm the following occurred during the funding year:

  • When service was provided (Service Start Date),
  • When service was disconnected (Service End Date), and
  • If service was never turned on.

An HCP submits one FCC Form 467 for each FCC Form 466 to USAC. After receiving the FCC Form 467 (Connection Certification Form), USAC generates an HCP support schedule (HSS), which is sent to the health care provider (HCP) contact and service provider. The HSS provides a detailed report of the approved service(s) and support information for each HCP and service provider.

HCP Support Schedule (HSS) Contents

The HSS includes the following information:

  • Funding year;
  • HCP number: a unique five-digit number assigned to each HCP location;
  • Funding Request Number (FRN): a unique four-digit code assigned by USAC to identify each HCP, service provider, and service combination;
  • Billing Account Number (BAN): an account code for an HCP credited with support;
  • HCP name: name of HCP being supported;
  • HCP address;
  • HCP mailing organization and address;
  • 498 ID (formerly known as SPIN) and service provider name;
  • Service being supported;
  • Support start date: first date HCP can receive support based on the FCC Form 465;
  • Support end date: last day service is eligible for support during the funding year; and
  • Support amount: per month ($) and total support for the funding year.

The service provider uses the HSS to determine how much credit the HCP will receive each month. The support should be credited to the Billing Account Number shown on the HCP support schedule. A sample support schedule is available for download.

When You Receive the HSS

The HSS will be sent to the HCP and service provider after the FCC Form 467 (Connection Certification Form) has been processed by USAC. Once the service provider receives the HSS, it should review it to ensure the following information is correct:

  • 498 ID
  • Confirm the service being supported was actually working and being billed for the time period on the HSS
  • The Billing Account Number listed on the schedule is the same Billing Account Number attached to the service and HCP location or HCP mailing organization and address

If there is an error or you have any questions about the information on the HSS, contact the RHC Help Desk at (800) 453-1546 (before you apply program discounts).

Once the service provider has reviewed the HSS, it should start applying the approved discounts to the health care provider during the next possible billing cycle. Since the FCC has allowed credit to be provided to third parties, the Billing Account Number may be from an account other than the HCP location. The entity that receives the bill and pays for the service is defined as the "billed entity."

Service providers may provide credit one of two ways:

  • Send a check to the billed entity based on the Billing Account Number (BAN) from the HSS
  • Provide a credit on the bill of the billed entity based on the Billing Account Number from the HSS

Provide Support Credit on a Bill

Rural Health Care support functions as a credit provided to the billed entity after taxes. The support amount on the bill must be subtracted after taxes and other miscellaneous charges are applied.

The credited amount should equal the support amount on the HCP support schedule for the Billing Account Number except when the first month's credit is provided. The first month's credit should equal the support amount for the current month plus all previous months on the schedule (retroactive support).

  • The HSS indicates an HCP should receive $100 per month for 12 full months of the Funding Year (July – June)
  • The service provider receives the HSS in February after the Funding Year has started
  • The March bill should include a $900 credit for July through March (nine months of support)

Provide Multiple Credits on a Single Bill

If multiple credits are provided on a single bill (e.g., more more than one HCP location credit to same Billing Account Number), USAC recommends that the service provider break out the individual credit amounts for each service for each HCP location and Funding Request Number (FRN).

A service provider receives three HCP support schedules for three separate HCP locations. Each HCP is a member of a consortium and have the same Billing Account Number. Support for each HCP is $100 per month. It is recommended that the service provider show three line items at the bottom of the bill with the FRN as shown below:

FRN Amount:
USF Support 13001 $100.00
USF Support 13020 $100.00
USF Support 13034 $100.00