Duplicate Subscriber Resolution

A duplicate subscriber error will occur when a service provider attempts to enroll a subscriber that already exists in NLAD.

In the majority of cases, service providers can resolve this error by obtaining consent to transfer the subscriber’s Lifeline program benefit and completing a benefit transfer in NLAD.

How to Transfer a Lifeline Benefit

  1. Log in to NLAD.
  2. Visit the “Transfer Lifeline Benefit” page.
  3. Enter in all of the required data fields. Required fields are denoted with a red superscript asterisk (*).
  4. Click “Transfer Benefit.”

Disputed Duplicate

If a prospective subscriber, who has been identified as a duplicate in NLAD, claims to not have an existing Lifeline program benefit, submit a duplicate subscriber dispute via email to the Lifeline program. Include the prospective subscriber’s name and contact information. USAC will investigate the duplicate subscriber dispute to determine if an exception will be provided.