Benefit Transfers

A benefit transfer is when one service provider transfers a subscriber’s Lifeline program benefit from another service provider. The benefit transfer must be at the request of the subscriber. The subscriber’s new service provider initiates the transaction in NLAD on the subscriber’s behalf.

Prior to initiating a benefit transfer in NLAD, the service provider must obtain the consent of the subscriber and obtain proper documentation of consent.

How to Obtain Consent

To initiate the transfer, obtain a new, completed application form, review proof of eligibility, and send the subscriber either a paper or electronic consent request.

The subscriber’s affirmative consent must include the following:

  • An acknowledgment that, once the transfer is complete, the subscriber will lose their Lifeline program benefit with their former Lifeline service provider.
  • An acknowledgment that their new Lifeline service provider has explained that they cannot have multiple Lifeline program benefits with the same or different service providers.

Keep a record of the subscriber’s affirmative consent in accordance with the FCC’s record retention rules.

Benefit Transfer Process

After gaining the consent of the subscriber, log into NLAD and select “Transfer NLAD Benefit” from the menu. Enter all required information and select the “Transfer Benefit” button.

Video: How to Transfer a Subscriber Benefit in NLAD (1:30 minutes)

If the benefit transfer is a success, NLAD will:

  • De-enroll the subscriber from their former service provider, and label the subscriber as de-enrolled as the result of a benefit transfer.
  • Enroll the subscriber with the new service provider, and label the subscriber as enrolled as the result of a benefit transfer.
  • Notify both the former and current service providers of the change.

If the benefit transfer fails, the NLAD user will see error codes and messages defining the reason for failure, and the process will end. In the case of a benefit transfer failure, the subscriber will stay active in NLAD under its previous service provider.