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Enhanced Tribal Benefit

Lifeline customers that live on federally-recognized Tribal lands can receive discounts up to an additional $25 per month, and up to $100 for first-time connection charges at their primary residence.

Enhanced Monthly Support

Subscribers that qualify for enhanced Lifeline support can receive discounts of up to $25 per month in addition to the standard benefit amount if they live on federally-recognized Tribal lands.

To enroll a subscriber for the enhanced monthly support amount, select “Yes” in NLAD for both the “Tribal Address?” and “Lifeline Tribal Benefit?” fields.

Service providers must pass through the full Tribal lands support amount to the subscriber.

Tribal Link Up

Link Up assistance provides a 100% reduction (up to $100) of the charge for starting service at a Tribal Lifeline subscriber’s primary residence. Link Up is available to subscribers that reside on federally-recognized Tribal lands and use a facilities-based service provider that receives High Cost Program support. Link Up is a one-time benefit per address; subscribers can request Link Up once for each change of primary residential address.

For service initiation charges of up to $200, Link Up also provides a deferred, no-interest payment plan to the subscriber for up to one year.

Service providers can only claim reimbursement for the difference between the customary connection/interest charge and the actual charge.

Before providing Link Up to the subscriber, check NLAD to confirm whether they have previously received a Link Up benefit at their address.

Eligible Tribal Lands

Federally-recognized Tribal lands for the Lifeline Program include:

For additional reference:

At the FCC’s direction, USAC is preparing a mapping tool for service providers to use to determine if a Lifeline applicant resides on Tribal lands.