Account Types

There are multiple account permissions available in NLAD.

NLAD User Permissions

There are several user roles in NLAD. Contact your company’s administrator to create an account and see the account types that are available.

NLAD Sub-Accounts

To create NLAD sub-accounts, the company’s administrator should:

  1. In NLAD, select the “Create NLAD Subaccount” link in the left hand menu
  2. Enter the user’s email address (required)
  3. Click “Search” to locate the user information. If an account is found matching that email address, skip to step 5.
  4. If no matching account was found, blank fields will appear below for you to enter the new user’s first name, last name, and 10-digit phone number.
  5. Select the desired role for the account from the “NLAD Role” drop-down menu and click “Submit.”

API User

The Application Programming Interface (API) specifications are available inside the NLAD system. For an API User account, contact your company’s administrator.

National Verifier Access

With the exception of State Agency users, all users who currently have NLAD access will also have National Verifier access.

The ETC Agent role is a new NLAD user role that is intended for use with the National Verifier, specifically. Users with this account type will only be able to log in and change their password in NLAD.

State Agency Access

State agencies (such as state public utility commissions, state service commissions, and state agencies), with the exception of the NLAD opt-out states (California, Oregon, and Texas), that regulate telecommunications service providers, have the ability to access Lifeline Program subscriber data in NLAD for their respective state.

A state agency may have up to seven user accounts – five State-Operations user accounts and two State-Enhanced user accounts.

  • State-Operations users can query the database for individual consumers.
  • State-Enhanced users can query the database and run reports for individual consumers in the state.

A user account is established by emailing a completed NLAD User Access Request to An NLAD State Access Request must be completed for each user and each user must be assigned to a State-Operations or State-Enhanced account type. State commissioner sign-off is required for all new users. USAC will review the request, grant access as appropriate, and assign the user account.

Each state agency that has access to NLAD must complete a user reauthorization quarterly. The state commissioner or delegate will receive a list of current NLAD users for the state agency from USAC and will be required to verify that the NLAD users should retain access to NLAD. Failure to reauthorize a user will result in a deactivation of the user account.

NLAD Access Agreement

On logging in to NLAD, each user will be prompted to agree to the NLAD Access Agreement. State commissioners are also agreeing to the NLAD Access Agreement by signing NLAD Access Request forms.

Print the NLAD Access Agreement.

NLAD Access Benefits

Detailed Subscriber Information

Using the “Detail Subscriber Lookup” feature, users can search for a subscriber to determine if the subscriber is already listed in NLAD.

Enter a subscriber’s name, date of birth, last 4 digits of their Social Security Number, and primary address, and if the subscriber has a record in NLAD, the system will display their company’s name and SAC, the subscriber’s phone number, and their company’s customer service number.

Subscriber Verification

NLAD users can confirm whether a subscriber can be enrolled in Lifeline. If the subscriber is not eligible, NLAD will return the specific rejection reason(s), such as:

  • Duplicates: Subscriber already receives a Lifeline benefit, or their phone number or address matches another Lifeline subscriber’s record in NLAD
  • Identity: Subscriber identity could not be found (failed third-party identity verification), or the system could not verify the subscriber’s name, date or birth, or SSN4
  • Address: Subscriber’s address is not recognized by the USPS Address Matching Service
  • Subscriber under 18: Subscriber is not eligible for a Lifeline Program benefit because of age