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Subscriber Under 18 Resolution

If a subscriber is under 18 years of age, NLAD will provide the carrier with the following error message:

Error Code Description
SUBSCRIBER_UNDER_18 No subscriber can be less than 18 years of age.

Acceptable documentation that may be used to resolve this error is outlined in the Verification column in the “Subscriber Under 18 Dispute Resolution Error Codes” table below.

How to Submit a Subscriber Under 18 Resolution Request

  1. Log in to NLAD.
  2. Visit the “Submit Resolution Request” page.
  3. Type your Resolution ID into the search box. The failed transaction will appear, along with the reason for the rejection and the transaction details.
  4. Review the transaction information.
  5. Enter the following required information when submitting the resolution request:
    • The name and/or ID of the agent who reviewed the subscriber’s information.
    • Select the resolution code that corresponds to the documentation used to confirm the subscriber’s age eligibility.
    • Check the certification box.
  6. Click “Submit Resolution Request to NLAD Customer Service.”

Carriers will not be able to submit a resolution request if they do not provide all of the required information (e.g., agent name and/or ID, documentation reviewed, and the certification statement).

Subscriber Under 18 Resolution Error Codes (“M” Codes)

These codes are used to confirm the eligibility of a subscriber’s age. When using these codes, the subscriber’s first and last name must be present on the verification documentation.

Code Verification
M1 Reviewed court document which demonstrates subscriber’s status as an emancipated minor

Effective, February 17, 2016, carriers must securely retain copies of documentation reviewed to override the NLAD failure (Section 54.404 (b)(11)).

With questions regarding dispute resolution, please contact Lifeline Program or call us at (800) 234-9473.