Enroll Consumers Using the Batch Template

The NLAD ACP batch template is accessible via the “Upload Subscriber File” page in NLAD. To use the batch upload process, follow the instructions below or read our detailed guide for more information.

Image showing Upload File button

The NLAD ACP batch template is a CSV file that can be accessed via an Excel spreadsheet to allow providers to verify, enroll, transfer, update, and de-enroll subscribers for the ACP. This sample ACP template with data allows providers to see how it should be completed.

For more information about the batch template, please review the detailed field descriptions.

Below is a description of each of the transaction types that are available for the ACP.

Transaction Type Description
Verify Allows a provider to pre-validate whether a subscriber enrollment would successfully process in NLAD.
Enroll Enrolls a new ACP subscriber in NLAD.
Transfer Transfers an existing subscriber from their current provider in NLAD to allow the transacting provider to enroll the subscriber for the ACP.
Update Allows a provider to update a subscriber’s information such as the subscriber’s service rate, device type, device make, contact information, etc.
De-Enroll Removes, or de-enrolls, a subscriber no longer receiving ACP service from NLAD.


The “verify” transaction can be used on an optional basis as a pre-validation prior to enrolling a prospective subscriber into NLAD for the ACP. If a service provider would like to confirm whether a consumer would qualify for ACP enrollment without attempting an actual enrollment, they can use the “verify” transaction first to confirm the prospective enrollment result. If the “verify” transaction is successful, the consumer is considered eligible and can be enrolled through a subsequent “enroll” transaction. However, if there are errors, NLAD will return specific error reasons and instructions on how to resolve those errors through the “NLAD Errors” file which will be returned when necessary after each batch template upload.


The “enroll” transaction works very similarly to the “verify” transaction by confirming whether a prospective subscriber would successfully pass certain validations to be enrolled. However, the “enroll” transaction will result in actual enrollment whereas the “verify” transaction will not.


The “transfer” transaction also works very similarly to the “enroll” transaction in that it will ultimately allow the service provider to enroll the subscriber for the ACP. This transaction should be used when a consumer is moving from one service provider to another. The consumer must initiate the transfer with the service provider performing the transaction. For more information on transfers visit our Transfer Consumers in NLAD page.

The required fields when performing a Verify, Enroll, or Transfer transaction include:

  • Transaction Type (Verify, Enroll, or Transfer)
  • Transaction Effective Date
  • Study Area Code (SAC)
  • Consumer’s full PII (First name, last name, DOB, SSN4/Tribal ID, Full Address)
  • Service Type
  • Service Initialization Date
  • Benefit Qualifying Person’s PII (if applicable)
  • Tribal Benefit Flag (if seeking to claim the enhanced Tribal Benefit)
  • Device Reimbursement Date (date device was delivered to household, if seeking to claim up to $100 device reimbursement)
  • Device Type (if providing a device and seeking reimbursement)
  • Device Make (if providing a device and seeking reimbursement)
  • Certification indicating provider’s understanding of certain rules and disclosures
  • Rep ID



If the provider would like to update the consumer’s information after enrollment, they can use the “update” transaction to make changes to the following fields:

  • Transaction Type (Update)
  • Effective Date
  • Service Type
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Tribal Benefit Flag
  • Device Reimbursement Date
  • Device Type
  • Device Make
  • Expected Device Rate
  • Expected Rate of Service

Service providers cannot update a subscriber record with the consumer’s first name, last name, DOB, SSN4/Tribal ID, or physical address. If the provider needs to update this information, they should de-enroll the subscriber and re-enroll the subscriber with their correct information.

Only the transaction type, subscriber’s name, DOB, SSN4/Tribal ID (if provided), primary address, phone number (if available) or subscriber ID, and transaction effective date are required to complete an “update” transaction. If optional fields such as BQP or mailing address are already included on the subscriber’s record, they must also be included in the update request. The system will interpret a blank mailing address as a request to remove the mailing address if there was previously one on the record. The system will interpret blank BQP fields as an attempt to remove the BQP info, which is not allowed.

The updated information should be included in the template. If the provider wishes to remove all information from the existing field (such as the mailing address), the provider can submit the transaction with a blank (or null) value in said field.


Once a subscriber is no longer receiving ACP-supported service, the provider should use the “de-enroll” transaction to remove the subscriber from NLAD within 5 business days. Only the transaction type, subscriber’s phone number (if available) or their subscriber ID, and transaction effective date are required to complete a “de-enroll” transaction.

How to Upload and Confirm Results

Each batch upload can contain multiple transactions as separate rows in the file. At least one transaction, or row, is required for upload. If you are uploading multiple records, please note that all transaction types can be used to populate rows in a single batch upload template. Multiple records that are assigned to multiple SACs can also be included within a single template, so you do not need to upload multiple files per transaction type or SAC.

To ensure each subscriber transaction is completed successfully, please make sure:

  • The name of the batch template file you are uploading begins with a SAC that is assigned to your company (e.g., “810000_Company.csv”).
  • You provide all required fields depending on the transaction type selected.
  • You do not change/modify any of the template headers (row 1).
  • You include a rep ID for each transaction. If no representative was involved in the transaction (such as when an enrollment is submitted via a provider’s online enrollment system), please use the repNotAssisted field to indicate as such.

Image showing example of file upload results

Once you have uploaded a file, NLAD will provide the file results in the batch result table.

If all of the records were processed successfully, the status will indicate “SUCCESS” and display the total number of records processed successfully.

If there are errors for specific subscriber records (each line item in the batch file), only the failed transactions will not be completed. NLAD will return an “Errors” file which can be downloaded to review the specific errors on the batch template. View the list of possible error descriptions for information on specific errors.

If necessary, the provider will have to re-attempt the specific transaction again in a subsequent batch upload after resolving the errors. Records that did not return an error will be processed successfully and can be confirmed via the NLAD Reports.

Please note that if you choose to re-upload a file with the same name, this will overwrite the previous file on the table. This will not impact any records that have already been processed, but past file results may no longer be visible on the table if using the same file name for new uploads.