Phone Number Resolution

A “Duplicate Phone Number” error may occur when a service provider attempts to enroll a consumer with a telephone number that already exists in NLAD.

To resolve this error, service providers may choose one of the following options:

  1. Assign a new phone number for the potential subscriber to bypass the duplicate phone number error message. In addition, please contact the Lifeline Program with the duplicate phone number used during the enroll/transfer transaction as USAC will conduct further research and analysis to prevent the re-occurrence of the error.
  2. Submit a dispute via email to the Lifeline Program, including the phone number and the SAC with which the service provider is attempting to enroll/transfer the potential subscriber. In addition, provide documentation that verifies the phone number has been ported, or belongs to the service provider. Service providers must provide proof of ownership of the number.

USAC will:

  1. Investigate the duplicate phone number dispute and contact the service provider claiming the number in NLAD and request that they confirm the phone number belongs to them. If that service provider cannot prove that they have possession of the phone number, USAC will instruct that they de-enroll the phone number from NLAD immediately.
  2. Notify the service provider submitting the claim to enroll the subscriber using that number.