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Click each dropdown to view Tribal-specific frequently asked questions. Please note that the questions and answers listed below are a selection of FAQs to assist Tribal stakeholders. For a full list of available FAQs, visit each program’s Learn section.

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Q1 : What is E-Rate?
Q2 : What is required for a Tribal Library to be eligible for E-Rate?
Q3 : How does a Tribe demonstrate that it meets the definition included in the new FCC order? What documentation is needed to show Tribal status?
Q4 : Can a grant or funding from a federal agency be used for the applicant’s non-discounted share of E-Rate costs?
Q5 : Can a Tribal applicant use federal matching funds for their non-discounted share of E-Rate costs? 
Q6 : How do you calculate a library’s square footage for purposes of Category Two (C2) E-Rate supported equipment and services?
Q7 : If wireless services extend beyond the bounds of a library’s walls, do applicant’s need to cost allocate the portion that extends beyond the walls?

Rural Health Care (RHC)

Q8 : What is the Rural Health Care program?
Q9 : How does the application process work?


Q10 : What is Lifeline?
Q11 : Is there an enhanced Lifeline benefit for Tribal lands?
Q12 : Are there other FCC programs I may qualify for?

High Cost

Q13 : What is High Cost?

Service Providers

Q14 : What is E-File?
Q15 : How do I obtain an E-file account?
Q16 : What is a SPIN and how do I register for one?