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Suspensions & Debarments

Persons who have been convicted of criminal violations or held civilly liable for certain acts arising from their participation in the Lifeline Program are subject to suspension and debarment from the program. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Suspension and Debarment regulations were extended to the High Cost, Lifeline and Rural Health Care programs (FCC 07-150 released August 29, 2007).

There are two stages for the FCC’s suspension and debarment process.

First, when the FCC becomes aware that a person has been convicted of a crime or judged civilly liable for certain acts arising out of that person’s participation in the program, the FCC suspends that person from all activities related to the program. The FCC issues a Public Notice of Suspension and Initiation of Debarment Proceedings. USAC maintains a list of persons below, who have been suspended, along with a link to the notice on the FCC’s website. The notice of suspension informs the suspended person (or other interested party) that they have 30 calendar days to oppose the suspension or the proposed debarment.

The second stage of this process is the actual debarment. The FCC will, absent extraordinary circumstances, provide notice of a decision to debar within 90 calendar days of receiving any information from the person proposed for debarment. The decision to debar will become effective upon receipt of the debarment notice or publication of the decision in the Federal Register, whichever occurs first. USAC also maintains a list of persons who have been debarred from the Lifeline Program below, along with a link to the debarment notice on the FCC’s website.


Name Notice Date of Notice
Oscar Enrique Perez-Zumaeta DA 15-669 6/8/2015
Icon Telecom, Inc. DA 15-627 5/26/2015
Wes Yui Chew DA 15-630 5/26/2015


Name Notice Date of Notice Term
Icon Telecom, Inc. DA 15-1160 10/13/2015 3 Years
Oscar Enrique Perez-Zumaeta DA 15-1130 10/5/2015 3 Years
Wes Yui Chew DA 15-1075 9/25/2015 3 Years