Service Providers

Obtain A 498 ID

Filing the FCC Form 498

Service providers and Schools and Libraries Program applicants filing their FCC Form 498 for the first time should prepare and submit the FCC Form 498 using USAC's E-File system. By filing electronically, you can benefit from fewer errors (E-File lets you know if any data was entered incorrectly) and data will be saved immediately upon exiting the system. After submitting in E-File, you will receive confirmation that all information submitted is saved in the system.

Before you begin, have the company or organization's information ready:

Once you have everything that you need, fill in all data required on the online form (USAC will populate the 498 ID field after processing the form) and at the end of the online form, click "Submit." This will send the data to USAC, but you still have a few more steps to complete. For more information about using E-File, review the E-File User Guide.

Print the form you just submitted and have the certifying Company Officer (the person designated on the form) login to E-File and certify the data.

After this initial submission, USAC will process and approve the form, assign your 498 ID, and provide you with your E-File user name and password.

What to Expect After Filing for the First Time

If you are a Company Officer or General Contact, you will receive email notification of the creation of the organization's 498 ID and of your temporary password to log in to E-File to create your individual account. If you do not receive this email, check your spam folder before contacting Customer Operations.

Processing time for an FCC Form 498 can be anywhere from seven to ten business days. Be sure to allow this amount of time to elapse before contacting Customer Operations team with questions about your submission.

Can USAC reject an FCC Form 498?

USAC is required to reject an FCC Form 498 with missing or incomplete information, such as using an outdated version of the form, incorrect bank account information, etc.

When USAC rejects a submission, the General Contact listed on the FCC Form 498 will receive an email that explains the reason why. USAC will ask the General Contact to resubmit the entire form with corrections.

Making Revisions to FCC Form 498

Service providers or applicants that have previously filed an FCC Form 498 and obtained a 498 ID must file a revision to the FCC Form 498 when changes to any of the following areas occur:

  • Contact persons;
  • Address;
  • Banking and remittance information on file;
  • How remittance statements are received;
  • Tax ID, DUNS Number, CORES ID, business structure, or business type; or
  • Any change that requires deactivation of a 498 ID, such as a company sale, merger, ending participation in all universal service programs, or consolidation of one 498 ID into another.

Learn more about revising an FCC Form 498 by visiting the Revise a 498 ID page.