Service Providers

Manage My 498 ID

Revise a 498 ID

Service providers and Schools and Libraries Program applicants can edit their payment and contact information at any time by revising their FCC Form 498 (Service Provider and Billed Entity Identification Number and General Contact Information Form) and submitting the form to USAC in E-File.

USAC strongly encourages all companies and organizations to review their FCC Form 498 data on an annual basis, and revise as necessary.

When must I revise my FCC Form 498?

Service providers and applicants that have previously filed an FCC Form 498 and obtained a 498 ID (formerly known as a SPIN) must file a revision to the FCC Form 498 when any of the following changes occur:

  • Change of contact person (for programs, remittance, General Contact, or Company Officer);
  • Change of address (for programs, the General Contact, or Company Officer);
  • Change to banking and remittance information on file;
  • Change to how remittance statements are received;
  • Change to a Tax ID, DUNS Number, CORES ID, business structure, or business type; or
  • Any change that requires deactivation of a 498 ID, such as a company sale, merger, ending participation in all universal service programs, or consolidation of one 498 ID into another.
How do I make my revisions?

How you revise your FCC Form 498 information depends upon your revisions. Some revisions can be completed in E-File without notifying USAC, while others require you to notify USAC of the change by sending a signed copy of the form along with any supporting documentation to USAC via email.

To revise your form, complete the following steps in E-File:

  1. Fill out completely the first page of the FCC Form 498.
  2. Be sure the FCC Form 498 signature page has been signed by the Company Officer as listed on the previously filed FCC Form 498 or the new Company Officer if that person has changed.
  3. Complete all pages of the form associated with the data you are revising.
    1. If the 498 ID is associated with the High Cost Program, the Lifeline Program, or both, the revision submission must also include the page(s) referring to Study Area Codes.
    2. If the 498 ID is associated with the Rural Health Care Program, the Schools and Libraries Program, or both, the revision submission must include the page entitled "Disbursement Offsets and Healthcare Connect Certification." The revisions must include the appropriate blocks numbered 15, 16, 17, and 18 as needed. Block 20, "Principal Communications Types," must also be completed.

Revised FCC Forms 498 and, when required, supporting documentation can be submitted via email to the attention of "Form 498 Processing."

Revisions Requiring USAC Notification

After completing the filing for one of the revisions included in the table below, print out the completed documentation and then follow the instructions below for submitting to USAC via email.

What is the revision?

What do I include when I notify USAC?

A change to your company name (Block 1, Line 1)

Provide USAC with the entire first page of the form, all pages that include revisions, the last page with Company Officer signature, and any required supporting documentation.

If the revision is a new Company Officer, the new Officer must be the one to sign the form.

Required supporting documentation includes legal document that supports the company name change.

A change to your federal EIN/Tax ID number (Block 3, Line 20)

Required supporting documentation must be in the form of a W-9 form reflecting the change.

A change to your certifying Company Officer or a change to their contact information (Block 21)

No supporting documentation is required.

A 498 ID deactivation

Refer to Mergers, Sales, and Deactivations for specific guidance.

A sale, merger, or consolidation of one 498 ID into another

Revisions Not Requiring USAC Notification

The following revisions can be completed in E-File with no USAC notification:

What is the revision?

A change to your company address or contact address (Block 1, lines 2-10)

A change to your General Contact information (Block 2)

A change to your DUNS Number or CORES ID (Block 3, lines 21, 22, or 23)

A change to your affiliate company information, program remittance or contact information, banking and remittance information on file, business structure, or business type (Blocks 4-20)

What to Expect After Filing

If the General Contact makes the revision to the FCC Form 498 in E-File, the Company Officer will receive an email alerting them to the changes and the requirement for certification. Upon Company Officer certification, the revisions will be saved in E-File. Upon your next login to E-File, the revisions will be live.

If your revision required submittal of supporting documentation, processing time can be anywhere from seven to 10 business days. Be sure to allow this amount of time to elapse before contacting the Customer Operations team with questions about your submission.

Can USAC reject an FCC Form 498?

USAC is required to reject an FCC Form 498 with missing or incomplete information, such as using an outdated version of the form, incorrect bank account information, etc.

When USAC rejects a submission, the General Contact listed on the FCC Form 498 will receive an email that explains the reason why. USAC will ask the General Contact to resubmit the entire form with corrections.