Schools and Libraries News Brief
Schools and Libraries News Brief
May 25, 2007


TIP OF THE WEEK: If you have completed your online Item 21 Attachment, you must push the “Submit” button on the last page to send the information to USAC. PIA reviewers cannot see an Item 21 Attachment that is still in process.

Commitments for Funding Year 2007

Funding Year 2007. USAC will release FY2007 Wave 4 Funding Commitment Decision Letters (FCDLs) May 29. This wave will include commitments for approved Priority 1 requests (Telecommunications Services and Internet Access) for schools and libraries at all discount levels. As of May 25, FY2007 commitments total just over $319 million.

After noon on the date that the FCDLs are mailed, you can check to see if you have a commitment by using USAC’s Automated Search of Commitments tool.

PIA Review – Summer Contact Procedures Begin Today

During USAC’s review of your application, a Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) reviewer will attempt to contact you if he or she has any questions about the information you have supplied. PIA always sends you a written copy of the review questions. This written copy will also contain information about possible ministerial and clerical errors on your form, a list of products and/or services that appear to be ineligible, and other useful information.

The method PIA uses to contact you depends on the preferred mode of contact you indicated on your Form 471. If you indicated that your preferred mode is:

  • Email – PIA will email you the questions.
  • Fax – PIA will fax you the questions.
  • Telephone – PIA will call you, ask for an email address or fax number, and email or fax you the questions based on the information you supply.

We realize that, during certain periods of the year, many applicants are unavailable due to extended holiday and break schedules. PIA will not continue the processing of your application during these periods unless we speak by telephone with the contact person or someone else who has been designated to respond to our questions. Our summer period is defined as the Friday before Memorial Day through the Friday after Labor Day. For 2007, the dates of the summer period are May 25 through September 7.

If our first attempt to reach you is on or after May 25, and we cannot confirm by telephone that you are available to respond to our questions, we will not begin the review of your application until after September 7. However, if PIA has made a successful contact with you before May 25, your 15-day response clock has started and will continue to run. This means that we will act on the information we have on hand if we have not heard from you by the response deadline. We define a successful contact as:

  • A sent email message with no return notification of non-delivery or out-of-office response
  • A sent fax with a confirmation of successful transmission
  • A live person answering a PIA call at the contact telephone number or a return call responding to a PIA message

Keep the following in mind:

  • If you designate someone to answer questions in your absence, be sure that person has sufficient knowledge of your application to respond accurately.
  • If you answer a call from PIA but you are not in a position to answer PIA questions, make sure the PIA reviewer understands that you are not the contact person or designee and that PIA should put its review of the application on hold until that person returns to the office.
  • You can ask for more time to respond if you need to do so.

PDF Version of Form 486 To Be Removed

On Friday, June 15, USAC will take the PDF version of the Form 486 down from the Apply Online page. This is the first step in the development and implementation of a new version of the Form 486 which will mitigate the caching and version problems that applicants have encountered when using the PDF version of the form. If you would like to use the online Form 486 PDF to file a Form 486, you must submit your form online before the form is taken down on June 15.

  • If you start a Form 486 PDF but have not pushed the “Submit” button by June 15, you can use the Form 486 Interview to complete and submit your form.
  • If you have pushed the “Submit” button on a Form 486 PDF but have not certified your Form by June 15, you can certify online or on paper using the “Certify Complete” button in the Form 486 column on the Apply Online page.

The Form 486 Interview version will continue to be available. This version of the form offers a print preview and options for certifying the form online or on paper. You can also file a Form 486 on paper.

We expect the new version of the Form 486 to be posted on the website and available in time for fall training.

Keep in Touch This Summer

We will continue to produce weekly News Briefs on Fridays during the summer months. Important announcements and updates can occur during this time, even if you are away from the office.

To stay informed, you can subscribe to the News Brief at any email address you will monitor during the summer. You can also ask a colleague to subscribe if you will be away. To add or remove an email address, just use the subscribe or unsubscribe links at the bottom of any issue of the News Brief.

You may download and print copies of Schools and Libraries News Briefs on USAC’s website. You may subscribe to or unsubscribe from this news brief. For program information, please visit the Schools and Libraries area of the USAC website, submit a question, or call us toll-free at 1-888-203-8100. Feel free to forward this news brief to any interested parties.

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