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May 13, 2011


TIP OF THE WEEK: Next Tuesday, May 17, is the submission deadline for FY2011 Item 21 attachments and FY2011 Form 471 certifications. If you miss this deadline, your Form 471 and/or your FRNs will be considered out-of-window. For information on how to file and what to include, refer to the May 6 SL News Brief.

Commitments for Funding Year FY2010

Funding Year 2010. USAC will release FY2010 Wave 50 Funding Commitment Decision Letters (FCDLs) May 16. This wave includes commitments for approved Priority 2 (Internal Connections and Basic Maintenance) requests at 81% and above and denials at 79% and below. As of May 13, FY2010 commitments total over $2.49 billion.

On the day the FCDLs are mailed, you can check to see if you have a commitment by using USAC’s Automated Search of Commitments tool. 

Fall 2011 Applicant Training Dates and Locations Announced

Each fall, USAC provides training to applicants around the country in advance of the Form 471 application filing window. Below is a list of the training cities, dates, and hotels for 2011:




Washington, DC

September 26

Renaissance Arlington Capital View

Newark, NJ

October 6

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott

Minneapolis, MN

October 10

Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America

Portland, OR

October 13

Hilton Portland & Executive Tower

St. Louis, MO

October 18

Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel

New Orleans, LA

October 27

Sheraton New Orleans Hotel

Los Angeles, CA

November 1

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

Orlando, FL

November 8

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

To register online and to locate information on reserving a room at a conference hotel, go to the Training Sessions and Presentations page on the USAC website and click on the city where you would like to attend training.

The training sessions have an applicant focus but anyone can attend. Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis. USAC will start a waiting list for each session once that session reaches capacity. We ask that you register only for the session that you want to attend and that you email USAC Training to cancel your registration if your plans change so that someone else can register.

Below are some FAQs for the fall applicant training:

Q. How long is the training?

The training will last a full day. This will allow attendees who live within a few hours' drive of the training to avoid an overnight stay if they wish.

Q. Who can attend the training?

Anyone can attend. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Keep in mind that the training will be focused on the applicant experience; the annual training for service providers occurred earlier this month.

Q. Does USAC charge a registration fee for the training?

No. However, attendees are responsible for their travel costs including transportation and lodging. Note that at some of the conference hotels, USAC has negotiated a reduced parking rate.

Q. How do I make hotel reservations?

There is a separate web page on the USAC web site for each of the eight training sessions. Click on the link from the Training Sessions and Presentations page to the web page for the training session you would like to attend and follow the instructions on that page to make a hotel reservation.

You must make a reservation on or before the dates below to reserve a room at the conference room rate. Rooms may not be available – or may be more expensive – if you try to make a reservation after these dates. If you have difficulty with the reservation process, you can email USAC Training


Deadline for Hotel Reservations

Renaissance Arlington Capital View

September 5

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott

September 21

Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America

September 19

Hilton Portland & Executive Tower

September 21

Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel

September 26

Sheraton New Orleans Hotel

October 5

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

October 11

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

October 17

Q. What will USAC cover in the training?

We plan to have a beginners session early in the morning that will cover the basic application process for those who need an overview or a refresher. The other sessions at the training change from year to year. In general, we expect them to cover program information along with updates, specific guidance for the FY2012 application process, and details of any changes or revisions to the program.

Q. Will training materials be available onsite?

The final agenda and the training presentations will be posted on the USAC website during the week before the first training session. Attendees should download or print copies and bring them to the training.

USAC will provide packets of general reference materials at each training. We will bring a limited number of printed copies of the presentations, but we suggest you bring your own as they tend to go quickly.

Q. What should I bring with me to the training?

At a minimum, we suggest the following:

  • Copies of the presentations, either printed or downloaded.
  • A copy of your hotel reservation.
  • Directions to the hotel by the transportation method you intend to use to get there. Note that there are links to the conference hotels – and in some cases links to directions – on the web page specific to each location. The conference hotels are generally close either to a large airport or to downtown.
  • A sweater or jacket. Hotel conference rooms can be chilly.

Q. What if I still have questions?

You can email any questions to USAC Training. You can also use this email address to cancel or change your conference registration. However, to cancel a hotel reservation, please contact the hotel directly. 


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