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FAQs about the Search Commitments Tools

Listed below are several frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the Search Commitments tool.

Q1: What is the Search Commitments tool?
A1:The Search Commitments tool allows you to search the Schools and Libraries Program database for commitment information. This function replaces the static Adobe PDF wave reports used in previous years.

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Q2: My search did not produce any results for an applicant who was funded.
A2: There are several possible reasons why this can occur:

  • The database does not have any applicants that meet all of the criteria that you specified in your search. Try searching again with fewer criteria. Hint: To find a particular applicant name, use fewer characters.
  • The funding commitment originally issued to this applicant may have been canceled by the applicant or reduced to zero due to an appeal, COMAD, or other action by USAC.
  • Wave data is updated every night, but updates may take several days to work their way through the system.  You may have to try your search again the following day.

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Q3: Is there a way to generate search results that reflect commitment totals across multiple funding years?
A3: Not at this time. However, you can repeat the same search for each funding year and add those totals together. Copying and pasting the data into a spreadsheet should allow you to easily produce this information. We are actively working on additional download options.

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Q4: Why are some commitment amounts different from what they were originally?
A4: Each wave contains commitment decisions on specific Funding Request Numbers (FRNs). If an applicant or USAC takes an action that changes the commitment amount on an FRN, all of the reports that include data from that FRN will change accordingly. For example, if USAC grants an appeal the funding amount on an FRN may increase; if an applicant files an FCC Form 500, the funding amount on an FRN may decrease. The Search Commitments tool reflects the net funding amounts for all FRNs in each wave as of close of business of the previous day.

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Q5: Why can't I use the “Back” or “Refresh” buttons to access previous searches?
A5: The Search Commitments tool does not support these buttons at this time.  To return to a previous page on the site, follow the instructions on that page. If you accidentally click the “Back” button, you will be directed back to the Search Commitments main page. If this happens, you can access your original search results by clicking on the “Search Commitments” link in the “Search Commitments” menu.

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