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FY2018 Application Filing Window Is Now Closed*
*window closed on March 22, 2018 at 11:59 PM EDT

498 ID Status

Find out if your 498 ID is ready by searching the table below for your BEN (Billed Entity Number) or FCC 498 Form number. Select CTL > F to search the table for your number. The table shows the last 2 months of all certified, rejected, and approved 498 IDs.

Certified = You have submitted a request to receive a nine-digit 498 ID and USAC is reviewing your form.

Ensure that the most current financial documents have been uploaded to USAC. Upload here.

Approved = USAC has approved your request and you can now file the BEAR online.

Deactivated = Your 498 ID is no longer active. You will not be able to submit a BEAR.