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FY2019 Application Filing Window Closes at 11:59 PM EDT March 27






Step 4 Application Review

Missing Information

Timely responses to requests for information from USAC about your FCC Form 471 (Services Ordered and Certification Form) or any other forms are essential for receiving prompt decisions on funding requests.

USAC is committed to issuing timely Funding Commitment Decision Letters. USAC processes approximately 40,000 FCC Form 471 applications that are received and postmarked within the application filing window. Applications are reviewed and processed as promptly as possible in order for USAC to issue funding decisions. However, missing information might cause a delay in the processing of that application.

Requests for additional or clarifying information and/or documentation may be about your FCC Form 471 or any other form. Typically, applicants have 15 days to reply to USAC requests.

Contacting Applicants

USAC will attempt to contact applicants using their preferred mode of contact based on the information provided on their forms. The following are considered successful contacts:

  • A live telephone conversation with the contact person or other person designated by the contact person
  • A voice mail message left at the contact person's telephone number
  • A fax sent to the contact person's fax number with confirmation of successful transmission
  • An email message sent to the contact person's email address without a return message of unsuccessful transmission
Holidays and Other Breaks

USAC recognizes that many applicants are unavailable during certain periods due to extended holiday and break schedules. The following are time periods USAC recognizes and how it will affect deadlines during those periods.

  • Summer extends from the Friday before Memorial Day through the Friday following Labor Day
  • Winter extends from the Friday before Christmas Day through the Friday following New Year's Day

USAC will enforce deadlines for receipt of information only after we make a successful two-way contact with the applicant's contact person or other person designated by the contact person. USAC will attempt to make this two-way contact both by the preferred mode of contact and by telephone. If we are unable to make a successful two-way contact during this period, or if appropriate staff that can provide the necessary information are unavailable, we will send a fax to the contact person notifying them that the affected form(s) cannot be processed, and appropriate decision letter(s) cannot be issued, until the additional information is received.

If USAC Cannot Reach You

If the first attempt to contact an applicant is successful, USAC will follow up with a confirmation. If a successful contact is not made, a second attempt will be made within three business days. If the first attempt to contact an applicant reveals that the applicant is unavailable until a specified date, we will attempt to contact the applicant after the specified date.

If USAC is unable to contact an applicant as described above or if we receive an incomplete response by the date established during the original contact, USAC will initiate follow-up contact with the applicant. Applicants must respond fully to that request and forward all requested documentation by the deadline established during the initial contact.

If USAC is unable to make a successful contact, USAC will use the information available to attempt to make a successful contact with someone else in your organization. If a successful contact is made, the response timelines described above will apply.

If USAC does not receive a complete response within the time period set to respond, we will attempt to process as much of the form as possible with the information provided. Actions USAC may take include modification, rejection, or denial of individual funding requests or of the entire form.