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Before You're Done

Updated July 2017

FCC Form 500 Filing

The FCC Form 500 is used to adjust funding commitments and/or modify the dates for receipt of services. The applicant is still required to file an FCC Form 486 (Receipt of Service Confirmation and Children's Internet Protection Act and Technology Plan Certification Form) to notify USAC that a service provider(s) is permitted to begin submitting invoices to USAC.

What to File

FCC Form 500

The FCC Form 500 must be filed online in the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC).

For FY2015 and previous funding years, complete a copy of the FCC Form 500 below, scan it, and attach it to the form you complete in EPC.

FCC Form 500 (for FY2015 and previous years)
FCC Form 500 Instructions (for FY2015 and previous years)

Purpose of Form

Applicants file an FCC Form 500 to accomplish one or more of the following:

  • To adjust the funding year Service Start Date reported on a previously filed FCC Form 486
  • To adjust the contract expiration date listed on the FCC Form 471
  • To cancel a Funding Request Number (FRN)
  • To reduce the amount of an FRN
  • To request a service delivery extension
  • To notify USAC of an equipment transfer resulting from the closure of the location where the equipment was originally installed

When to File

The FCC Form 500 cannot be filed until USAC has issued a Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) for the FRN to be modified. The FCC Form 500 should be filed as soon as the applicant is aware of new circumstances that require adjustment to one or more FRNs.

Deadline: Changes that result from filing an FCC Form 500 will affect other parts of the application process, so the FCC Form 500 must be filed before those changes can occur. For example:

  • An applicant wants to cancel or reduce an FRN to return funding to its Category Two Budget to be eligible to receive a Category Two commitment in another funding year. This must be accomplished by filing an FCC Form 500. The first FRN must be canceled or reduced before USAC can consider funding the second FRN.
  • An applicant wants to extend a contract to cover the time needed for installation of services. The contract expiration date must be changed in USAC's records before USAC can pay invoices for services delivered and installed after the original contract expiration date.

After Filing

For Funding Year 2016 and forward, USAC will issue an applicant version and a service provider version of the Revised Funding Commitment Decision Letter in EPC after the form has been successfully processed.

For Funding Year 2015 and previous years, applicants will receive a paper FCC Form 500 Notification Letter in the mail.