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Trainings & Outreach

FCC Form 470 Video Series

These videos are designed to help you navigate the FCC Form 470 filing process in the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC).

Starting Your FCC Form 470

Learn the first steps in filing an FCC Form 470.

4:36 minutes

Service Requests: Category One

Learn how to request Category One services on the FCC Form 470.

3:05 minutes

Service Requests: Category Two

Learn how to request Category Two services on the FCC Form 470.

3:32 minutes

FCC Form 470 Technical Contact, Procurement Information, and Certification
  • Provide contact information for staff members who can answer technical details about the services you seek,
  • Enter information regarding state and local procurement rules, and
  • Review and certify the FCC Form 470.
  • 4:14 minutes

Post an Additional RFP Document

Learn how to post an additional request for proposal (RFP) document after you have certified the FCC Form 470.

3:10 minutes

How to Search for FCC Forms 470

Learn how to download information from FCC Forms 470. Find out how to view individual forms and Request for Proposal (RFP) or RFP documents that are attached to the FCC Form 470.

12:25 minutes