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FAQs: Non-instructional Facilities (NIFs)

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Q1. How do I calculate the discount for my NIFs?

A1. Like all schools, NIFs receive the district-wide discount, regardless of the entities that they serve.

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Q2. How do I figure out if my NIF is urban or rural?

A2. The urban/rural status of a NIF is based on the urban/rural status of the school district or library system's status as a whole. In order for a district to be considered rural, more than half of the schools or libraries in the district must be rural. NIFs are not included in that determination.

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Q3. My NIF has classrooms. Do I still use the snapshot method to figure out the discount rate?

A3. No. NIFs with classrooms, like all other entities in the school district or library system, get the same district-wide discount.

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Q4. My NIF is located in a rural area, but the district is urban. How do I get a higher discount rate for my NIF?

A4. Rural discount rates are available only in those cases where more than half of the schools in the district or libraries in the library system are deemed rural.

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Q5. To determine the urban/rural status of my district, do I count NIFs when figuring out if more than half of my entities are rural?

A5. No. The urban/rural status of the district is determined only based on the schools or libraries in the district. More than 50 percent of the schools or libraries have to be rural in order for the district to be considered rural.

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