MFA Troubleshooting Steps

Securing User Experience

USAC added multi-factor authentication (MFA) to increase the security of Universal Service Fund (USF) IT applications. MFA helps safeguard access to data and applications and provides additional security by requiring a second form of user authentication. The troubleshooting steps are provided to help program participants ensure they receive the second form of user authentication via email.

Username and Password

Username: Ensure that you are logging in directly from the USAC website and provide your Username (email address). Your Username must be the same email address you have previously used to submit a form or create an account with USAC.

    • For the E-Rate program, your Username must be associated with an active EPC or PIN account.
    • For the Rural Health Care program, your Username must be associated with an approved eligibility FCC Form 460 or FCC Form 465.
    • For the High Cost program, your Username must be associated with an FCC Form 498 ID/SPIN.
    • For Service Providers, your Username must be associated with an FCC Form 498 ID/SPIN or FCC Form 499.

Password: Ensure that your password has not expired. A password will expire if you have not logged in for a while and must be updated. If your password has expired or you have forgotten your password, select “Forgot password?” to receive instructions via email to reset the password.

Web Browser Usage: Firefox or Google Chrome

Ensure that you are using the Firefox or Google Chrome web browser only to log in and receive an MFA Verification code.

  • Clear your browser cookies and cache to prevent a “Log in Loop” which would take you back to the Login Homepage.
  • Check your browser plug-ins and ad/cookie blockers to make sure “” is listing as a safe website.
  • Do not use Google Chrome incognito mode or private windows.

Email: MFA Verification Code

Ensure that your company or personal computer’s email system is capable of receiving the 6-digit MFA verification code from USAC within 10 minutes.

  • Your company’s IT system administrators may have Data Loss Protection (DLP) tools that scan emails before sending it to the end user. This can result in a delay or block the verification code emails from USAC. Please check with your IT team, or add USAC to your safe sender list.
  • “White-List” the following USAC email addresses and handles to your safe sender list: and
  • Check your SPAM folder.
  • Wait the full 10 minutes to receive the verification code before attempting another request.

If you need to change your original Username (email address) in order to receive the MFA verification code, contact the specific program by using the contact information available on the USAC webpage for further instructions.

Computer Time

Ensure that the time on your company or personal computer is accurate. If your computer’s time is slow or fast by 2+ minutes, the error message below will appear, or a delay in receiving the MFA verification code via email will occur until the time is correct.