Rural Health Care

Getting Started

Process Overview

The Rural Health Care (RHC) Pilot Program was designed to encourage urban and rural health care providers to join together to aggregate their needs, develop statewide/regional networks dedicated to the provision of health care services, and connect health care providers through a broadband network.

In contrast to the primary Rural Health Care funding mechanism, the Pilot Program is broader in scope and funds up to 85 percent of the costs of the actual design and implementation (which may include construction) of broadband networks for health care purposes. Participants are responsible for paying the remaining 15 percent of costs not covered by the Pilot Program. The participants may choose to connect their dedicated broadband networks to Internet2 or National LambdaRail (NLR), which are nationwide backbones that connect a number of government research institutions, as well as academic, public, and private health care institutions that are repositories of medical expertise and information.

The Process

Pilot Program Vendors
Pilot Program Participants