Rural Health Care

Program Calendar (FY2018)

FY2018 Filing Window Period

The initial filing window period for FY2018 is February 1 – June 29, 2018. This means that you must submit your funding requests (FCC Forms 462 or 466) as early as February 1 and no later than 11:59 p.m. ET June 29, 2018, for the initial filing window period. We highly encourage you to submit your application forms as early as possible in the filing window period. Other application forms for FY2018 (FCC Forms 460, 461, or 465) are accepted prior to February 1 to begin the application process.

If the total amount of qualifying funding requests received during the initial filing window period for FY2018 does not exceed RHC Program funding available (HCF and Telecom Programs), we will determine the timing and duration associated with any subsequent filing window periods for FY2018 based on our assessment of the total amount of qualifying funding requests in the initial filing window period and the amount of available funding still remaining. If the total amount of qualifying funding requests exceed the RHC Program funding available in the initial filing window period, we will pro-rate funding pursuant to the FCC's rules and there will be no further filing window periods for FY2018.

Rollover of FY2017 HCF Program FCC Forms 461

USAC is accepting previously approved FY2017 FCC Form(s) 461 to be used for FY2018. This process will allow applicants that meet the below criteria to "rollover" a previously approved FCC Form 461 from FY2017, for use in FY2018. This functionality can be applied to both individual and consortia applicants within the HCF program.

In order to request this rollover, the FCC Form 461 MUST:

    • HAVE been reviewed and approved by RHC
    • NOT have been used to generate an FCC Form 462 in FY2017

The rollover process will only be applied to the FCC Form 461, and not the FCC Form 462. All applicants will need to submit a new FCC Form 462 and will have to go through RHC’s review process is applying for funding in FY2018.
How to submit your request:
Send email to:
Subject line of email: FCC Form 461 Rollover Request App #
Include within the email body: HCP #, FCC Form 461 application #

About Filing Window Periods

A filing window period is a fixed period of time when all funding requests received during a specific period are treated as though they were received at the same time. If funding remains after a filing window period, USAC may open another filing window period for that funding year.