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USAC's News Archive gives you access to all announcements related to the Rural Health Care Program as they were made throughout the years. The archives will be updated as new announcements are made.


2/28/2018USAC Website Outage for Scheduled Maintenance on Friday, March 2

USAC’s website ( will be unavailable due to scheduled website maintenance on Friday, March 2 from 9 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET. During this outage, the entire site will be converted to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).          

After the deployment, users will notice that all web pages are preceded by “HTTPS” in their URLs. Existing bookmarks to non-HTTPS addresses will continue to work but will automatically be redirected to the HTTPS address.        

Please note, some USAC applications may not be available during the outage. We apologize for the inconvenience.        

Why are we making this change?

HTTPS protects the integrity of the website by preventing intruders from tampering with communications between the website and users. It guards both visitors and websites by encrypting and securing the information being sent and received while improving performance through faster load times.      


If you have any questions about this, please contact us at


1/12/2018Watch the FY2018 Funding Request Best Practices Webinar now!

Did you know that the funding request filing window period for FY2018 opens February 1, 2018? Prepare to submit your funding request by the close of the filing window period (11:59 p.m. ET May 31, 2018) by watching our one hour training where we discussed helpful tips, resources, what you can expect from USAC’s review process, and best practices when submitting these forms.

Download the slides and watch now

1/8/2018Newsletter for January 2018

FCC Notice of Proposed Rule Making Published January 3, 2018
The FCC published their proposed rule in the Federal Register on January 3, 2018. Anyone can submit a comment to the FCC on this proposed rule. The comment period ends February 2, 2018. Please see this link for more information. 

Update on FY2017 Commitments
FY2017 funding commitment decisions and letters have not yet been released; funding requests are still in review. This page will be updated when more information is available. Note: Any applicants seeking funding in FY2018 must submit funding requests. Be sure to submit during the FY2018 filing window (February 1 – May 31, 2018).

FY2018 Filing Window Period Update
The filing window period for FY2018 has been extended one month. The filing window period will now last February 1, 2018 through May 31, 2018, giving applicants more time to submit their FY2018 funding request forms. For more information please see our FY2018 Filing Window page here.

Submit FY2018 Request for Services Forms Now!
Applicants applying for funding for FY2018 who are going through the competitive bidding process can submit their FCC Form 461 (HCF Program) and FCC Form 465 (Telecom Program) now! The first day to submit these forms is January 1, 2018-- six months before the start of the funding year, which begins July 1, 2018.

Prepare to submit your Request for Services form with the following resources:
      • December 2017 Request for Services Best Practices Webinar recording and slides 
      • RFP Checklist (HCF Program only)
      • Network Plan Checklist (HCF Program only)
      • Search Posted Services tool: HCF Program and Telecom Program 

Rollover of FY2017 HCF Program FCC Forms 461
This year’s rollover functionality is a courtesy extended to HCF applicants who completed the Request for Services process, but did not meet the deadline to submit Funding Request forms. 

This is a one-time courtesy that, as of now, has not been extended for future funding years. To take advantage of this, those requesting the FCC Form 461 from FY2017 rollover functionality must meet the below requirements. The FCC Form 461 must meet both criteria:
      • HAVE been submitted for FY2017, and previously reviewed and approved by RHC in FY2017, and
      • NOT have been used to generate an FCC Form 462 in FY2017

The rollover process will only be applied to the FCC Form 461, and not the FCC Form 462. If applying for HCF Program funding in FY2018, applicants will need to submit a new FCC Form 462 and will have to go through the RHC Program review process.

How to submit your request:
      • Send email to: 
      • Subject line of email: FCC Form 461 Rollover Request App #
      • Include within the email body: HCP #, FCC Form 461 application #
      • Once emailed, the rollover request may take 5-8 business days to review and process.
      • If approved, your request will be confirmed via email from an RHC staff member.

Upcoming Trainings
We highly recommend attending the next installment of our online training series, specifically designed to prepare applicants for the FY2018 filing window. These trainings are filled with resources, useful information, best practices, what to expect from the USAC review process.
• Funding Request Webinar: Wednesday January 10, 2018 at 2 p.m. ET. Did you know that the first day to submit FY2018 funding request forms is February 1, 2018? Join us in preparation for the FY2018 filing window period. This webinar will focus on the FCC Forms 462 and 466: Register here.