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Available FY2017 Funding

On June 25, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an order that adopts rules to: (1) increase the annual RHC Program funding cap to $571 million and apply it to FY2017; (2) annually adjust the RHC Program funding cap for inflation, beginning with FY2018; and (3) establish a process to carry-forward unused funds from past funding years for use in future funding years. The rules shall become effective immediately upon publication of the Order in the Federal Register.

Read and download the FCC's RHC 2018 Funding Cap Order and FAQ sheet.

Additional information about what the 2018 Funding Cap Order means for program participants is forthcoming. General guidance for FY2017 and FY2018 funding requests (FCC Form 462 for the HCF Program and FCC Form 466 in the Telecom Program) is below.

What this means for FY2017: Due to the increase in the RHC Program funding cap for FY2017, all previously approved FY2017 funding requests will receive 100% of their approved funding amount. The proration that was previously applied to FY2017 funding commitments will be removed, and revised Funding Commitment Letters (FCLs) will be issued.

Invoicing Impact for FY2017: Applicants and service providers have received their revised FCLs via email in July 2018 and all applicants may now continue invoicing as normal. While the amount in My Portal will continue to reflect the proration at this time, you may continue the invoicing process as normal; USAC will adjust the disbursement amount of approved invoices to ensure that service providers receive the full, non-prorated, value. If you have fully or partially invoiced, no further action is needed on previous invoices. No special invoicing instructions will be needed in order to receive the 100% approved funding amount. Please look to our program invoicing pages for information on the invoicing process: HCF Invoicing Page and Telecom Invoicing Page.