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Available Funding (FY2017)
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Available FY2017 Funding

The net demand of all funding requests received by the close of the FY2017 filing window period exceeded available RHC Program funding. So all funding requests will receive a prorated percentage of the requested funding. There is $388.22 million of funding available for FY2017, which was calculated by subtracting $11.78 million of administrative expenses from the RHC Program funding Annual Cap of $400 million.

Unused Funds From Previous Funding Years

On December 2, 2017, an FCC Order directed USAC to use any unused RHC Program funds from prior funding years to offset the proration for individual rural health care providers (HCPs), and afterwards for consortia if there were funds remaining. After applying these unused funds to individual HCPs, there were not sufficient funds to offset the proration for consortia as well. So, as per the FCC Order, only individual HCPs will receive this prior year funding.

USAC will commit the unused funds, which amount to $31.35 million, for individual HCPs in both the Telecommunications (Telecom) and Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) programs.

Pro Rata Factors for FY2017 Funding Commitments

There are two proration factors for FY2017. There is one proration factor for consortia in the HCF Program, and another proration factor for individual HCPs in the HCF and Telecom programs.

The proration factor for consortia is 74.46652%.

The proration factor for individual HCPs is 84.40458%.

Learn how these factors were calculated.