Rural Health Care


Funding Tools

Commitments Search (FY2012 and later)

The new commitments search tool provides Rural Health Care (RHC) Program funding commitment information starting in FY2012.

Commitments Search (FY2011 and earlier)

The automated search of commitments (ASC) allows users to search the RHC Program database for funding commitment information since the inception of the RHC Program through FY2011.

Health Care Provider Tools

Application Status

RHC posts a weekly status report to help health care providers determine the status of their FCC Form 466. Applicants may visit this site to determine whether their FCC Form 466 has been received and whether USAC has all of the information it needs to make a funding commitment decision. Note that the status report is only generated once a week, and reflects the status of each form on the date the report was generated.

Urban Rates Search

Applicants requesting telecom support may refer to this database to obtain an urban rate to calculate their funding support. This Urban Rate Search will help applicants complete Line 40 on the FCC Form 466, the Funding Request and Certification Form. Applicants may compare rates for functionally similar services as viewed from the end user's perspective.

Eligible Rural Areas Search

This tool is a directory of rural areas and will help you determine whether your organization is located in a rural area, as defined by program rules.

Service Provider Tools

Search Posted Services

The Search Posted Services tool allows service providers to search for service request information provided by health care providers (HCPs) on the Description of Services Requested and Certification Form (FCC Form 465). The search results will provide a summary of each HCP whose service requests match your search criteria.