Rural Health Care

Step 4 Review & Verify

After the service provider and health care provider (HCP) sign a service agreement, the HCP submits an FCC Form 466 (Funding Request and Certification Form), along with supporting documentation such as a bill and contract. A separate form must be filed for each service (i.e., two T-1 lines require two FCC Forms 466).

Funding Commitment Letter (FCL)

Once USAC has reviewed and approved the HCP's packet, we will send the HCP and the telecommunications or service provider a Funding Commitment Letter (FCL).

The FCL informs the HCP (and service provider) that the HCP is eligible for the support specified in the letter.

The FCL includes the following information:
  • HCP number, HCP contact name, and HCP name and address of the location receiving support;
  • 498 ID (formerly known as SPIN);
  • Funding year;
  • Telecommunications service and quantity;
  • Type of service agreement (contract or tariff);
  • Eligible support start and end dates;
  • Estimated months of support, monthly recurring support, and total support amount;
  • Pro-ration amount, if applicable;
  • Non-recurring support amount; and
  • Funding Request Number (FRN), assigned by USAC to identify each circuit.

When You Receive the Funding Commitment Letter

Service providers should validate the 498 ID on the FCL for each HCP to ensure the support amount is being credited correctly. If the 498 ID is incorrect, the service provider should contact the RHC Help Desk at (800) 453-1546 , or via email.