Rural Health Care

Step 3 Sign a Service Agreement

A service provider may sign a contract or service agreement with an HCP once the allowable contract selection date has been reached.

If a long-term contract is signed, the HCP may be exempt from the FCC competitive bidding requirements for the life of that contract (no optional extensions) – if it is deemed by USAC to be an evergreen contract. Evergreen contracts must:

  1. Be signed by both the service provider and the HCP;
  2. Be signed and dated after Allowable Contract Service Date;
  3. Specify type, term, and cost of service(s);
  4. Identify HCP(s) location; and
  5. Be formally reviewed and approved by USAC.

The HCP will receive a letter from RHC specifying whether the contract has been deemed evergreen, or whether it will be considered a month-to-month contract (which means the HCP must competitively bid for services the following year).