Rural Health Care

Step 2 Service Requests & Bids for Service

The Search Service Requests tool allows service providers to search health care provider (HCP) requests for services from a posted FCC Form 465 (Description of Services Requested and Certification Form). Posted information includes:

  • Service(s) requested,
  • HCP name, location, and point of contact,
  • Maximum allowable distance (MAD), and
  • Largest city in the HCP's state.

Service providers may use this initial set of information to determine whether or not to contact the HCP to discuss its service needs more fully. USAC recommends that service providers contact the HCP prior to submitting a bid for services to ensure they understand the HCP's business requirements.

Once the HCP's FCC Form 465 is posted on the RHC website, it marks the beginning of the mandatory 28-day competitive bidding process. During this time, an HCP may not enter into a service agreement or sign a contract with a service provider or it will be denied funding. The allowable contract selection date (ACSD) is the date on which an HCP is able to enter into an agreement with a service provider. The ACSD can be found in the last column of the search results from the Search Posted Services tool.

Important Reminders

  • If an HCP states it is under contract, the service provider may ask whether the contract has been deemed to be evergreen by USAC, and if so, when the contract ends.
  • HCPs must consider all valid bids for services unless they have a current evergreen contract.
  • If the HCP has a contract that ends during the fund year, it will be required to go through the competitive bidding process to receive continued support.
  • Once the service provider has reached out to the HCP to gain a full understanding of its business needs, the service provider should then submit a bid for those services.