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RHC Circuit - Second Quarter 2016

RHC Circuit Quarterly Newsletter

2nd Quarter 2016

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Checklist and Task Reminders

Submit FY2015 Funding Requests Now

Don't procrastinate! We highly recommend submitting your Funding Year 2015 (July 2015 - June 2016) funding requests, well before the Thursday, June 30, 2016 deadline.


Submitting your funding requests early allows you time to make corrections, if needed, and allows for faster forms processing by our team by avoiding peak submission dates.


Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program

Submit FCC Form 462 (Funding Request Form). Learn more:

Telecom Program

Submit FCC Form 466 (Funding Request and Certification Form). Learn more:

Training and Resources

Upcoming Webinar! RHC 101: Introduction to the RHC Program

We are hosting another session of the webinar RHC 101: Introduction to the RHC Program on Tuesday, May 10, at 2:00 PM EDT.


This webinar is designed for beginners, and covers basic information about the RHC Program and the application process. 


This webinar is very similar to the one we held in January, a recording of that session is available.


Submit FY2016 Requests for Services Now

The window is open for health care providers to submit their RHC Program applications for FY2016.


USAC began accepting Requests for Services - FCC Forms 465 and 461 - on January 1, 2016, (six months before the start of the funding year), so that applicants have sufficient time for the competitive bidding process.


These forms can be submitted at any time during the funding year for which funding is requested. However, to receive a full 12 months of funding in FY2016 (July 2016 - June 2017), the forms must be posted before June 2, 2016, (to allow 28 days for competitive bidding before the start of the funding year).


We highly encourage health care providers to submit application forms as early as possible! Submitting forms early ensures that your form will be approved and posted to the USAC website earlier, and allows time to make corrections, if needed.


Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program:

Submit FCC Form 461 (Description of Services Requested and Certification Form) in My Portal. 

Telecom Program:

Submit FCC Form 465 (Description of Services Requested and Certification Form) in My Portal. 

Invoicing Deadline for the Healthcare Connect Fund Program

Remember that you must invoice within six months of the last day of your funding commitment. This date can be found on your funding commitment letter (FCL).


Invoices for funding commitments ending on June 30, 2016 must be received by USAC no later than December 31, 2016.

RHC on the Road

RHC Program representatives will be present at the following conferences on these days:

RHC Program Update

Page Update: Search Posted Services

The individual and consortia search posted services pages on the RHC web site have been combined into one single search page. Service providers can now search for both individual and consortium postings on the same page.


To search for service request(s) for either a consortium or individual HCP, select Individual, or Consortium from the "Application Type" drop down menu on the Search Posted Services web page. The search results will show a summary of each HCP whose service request(s) match the search criteria entered, with the option to view additional information.

My Portal Updates

Stay current with the latest updates to My Portal by visiting the HCP Program Applicant Updates, Telecom Program Applicant Updates, and Service Provider Updates pages.

Feedback About RHC Program Forms

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the current FCC Forms in December. Between the survey, interviews, and user testing, we were able to gather a lot of valuable information about potential changes to be made to the current RHC Program forms.
Our team gathered feedback about the layout of the forms, the information input into the forms, and the instructions provided with the forms. Over thirty suggested changes were recommended to the FCC.
Some examples of the recommended changes are:
  • Remove selected fields that are duplicative and cause confusion
  • Use a larger type with a standard sans-serif font
  • Incorporate My Portal instructions into the forms
  • Include guidance for supporting documentation and outside information.
The FCC is in the process of reviewing the recommendations now.
If any changes are made to the forms, they will be posted online and there will be a 60 day comment period in which stakeholders can provide their remarks on the suggested changes.
More information about when the comment period will begin and where to submit comments coming soon.


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2nd Quarter 2016
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