Rural Health Care

Step 5 Review, Approve, and Submit

After USAC reviews and approves the submitted FCC Form 466 and supporting documentation, USAC issues a Funding Commitment Letter (FCL) and a link to the FCC Form 467 (Connection Certification Form). A copy of the FCL is also sent to the health care provider's (HCP's) service provider.

The FCL notifies the HCP and the service provider of the estimated support amount based on the number of months of expected service. In some cases, zero-support FCLs (where the HCP received $0) may be issued, such as multi-bill circuits, where the first circuit segment is under the urban rate and therefore support does not accrue until the next circuit segment.

Review the FCL to ensure the Billing Account Number (BAN), confirm the actual start and actual end dates of service, and other information for accuracy. If the HCP has any questions, or disagrees with information in the FCL, be sure to contact RHC before filing the FCC Form 467.

If the HCP agrees with the information on the FCL, and after the HCP's selected services have begun, the FCC Form 467 should be completed and submitted to USAC. The FCC Form 467 is used to confirm the following occurred during the funding year:

  • When service was provided (Service Start Date),
  • When service was disconnected (Service End Date), and
  • If service was never turned on.

An HCP must submit one FCC Form 467 for each FCC Form 466 (Funding Request and Certification Form). The FCC Form 467 is available for e-certification. Remember that support cannot be provided until the FCC Form 467 has been received.