Rural Health Care


Health care providers (HCPs) requesting Rural Health Care Telecommunications Program funding must submit supporting documentation with the FCC Form 466 (HCF Order DA 15-69). Just like missing required fields on the form, missing documentation may delay the processing of the FCC Form 466. Funding cannot be committed until USAC receives a complete FCC Form 466 and all required supporting documentation.

Supporting Documentation

  • Proof of rural rate/cost of service
  • Proof of urban rate (not required if using an urban rate posted on USAC's website)
  • Copy of contract - If the HCP wants USAC to review the contract (for the services for which funding is requested) for Evergreen status, the HCP must submit that contract with the funding requests. Funding requests that do not have a contract will not be eligible for a competitive bidding exemption in future funding years.
  • Copies of bids for service - If the HCP received bids from multiple service providers in response to the posted FCC Form 465, those bids must be submitted to USAC for review. USAC may request documentation concerning the HCP's service provider selection criteria and bid analysis used to select a service provider. FCC rules require HCPs to consider all bids submitted and select the most cost-effective option.

If you have questions about required documentation, contact the RHC Help Desk at (800) 453-1546, or email RHC Assist before you submit your forms to USAC .

Document Retention

HCPs are required to retain documentation sufficient to establish compliance with all FCC rules for the Telecom Program for five years after the end of the funding year for each funding year in which funding was provided. Service providers are also required to retain documentation related to the delivery of discounted telecommunications services for at least five years after the last day of delivery of discounted services and any other documents that demonstrate compliance with the statutory or regulatory requirements for the RHC Program. HCPs and service providers may retain documentation in either electronic or hard copy form.

Following are examples of the types of documents that HCPs should retain to help USAC evaluate whether an HCP or service provider has complied with FCC rules if an HCP is audited.

Proof of Eligibility
  • Business license, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) not-for-profit determination letter, or IRS Form 990
Competitive Bidding and Vendor Selection
  • Copies of all responses or bids received
  • Bid selection criteria
  • Bid selection analysis
  • Documentation of communications with service providers during the competitive bid process
FCC Form 466/466-A
  • Urban rate documentation (not required if using posted rate from USAC's website)
  • Service contracts
  • Monthly bills or invoices documenting the cost of the service for which funding was requested
  • Network diagram
  • All forms submitted to USAC
  • Funding Commitment Letter (FCL)
  • HCP Support Schedule (HSS)
  • Documentation demonstrating the reimbursements/credits for supported services that were received from the service provider
  • Documentation demonstrating that the HCP paid the service provider the HCP's share of costs (i.e., urban rate equivalent) for services received