Rural Health Care

Step 2 Respond to Service Requests

The Search Posted Services tool allows service providers to search applicant requests for services from a posted FCC Form 461, Request for Services Form.

Applicants cannot enter into a service agreement or sign a contract with a service provider less than 28 days after the FCC Form 461 posting date, or before the allowable contract selection date (ACSD). The ACSD is the day after the FCC Form 461 posting end date, and is the date that an applicant is able to enter into an agreement with a service provider. The ACSD can be found on the FCC Form 461.

It is recommended that a service provider contact the person listed on Line 13 or Line 13(a) of the FCC Form 461 associated with each service request prior to submitting a bid for services to ensure they understand the applicant's business requirements. Some individual health care provider (HCP) applicants and many consortium applicants may have FCC Form 461 postings that include additional documentation to further describe their business priorities and functional requirements. The service provider should review an applicant's FCC forms and accompanying supporting documentation before submitting a bid for services.