formerly known as SPIN) to participate in the HCF Program. " />

Rural Health Care

Step 1 Determine Eligibility

To participate in the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program, service providers may be any provider of equipment, facilities, or services that are considered to be eligible for support.

To be considered eligible, service providers must also make sure they have a 498 ID (formerly known as SPIN). A 498 ID is obtained by submitting the FCC Form 498. When filing the FCC Form 498, service providers planning to participate in the HCF Program must indicate their intention to do so by checking the box in Block 18 of the FCC Form 498 called "Certification to Assist Health Care Providers."

By submitting the FCC Form 498, service providers certify that, as a condition of receiving support, they will provide applicants all necessary information regarding their supported equipment, facilities, or services in a timely fashion. The applicant uses this information to submit required forms or respond to FCC or USAC inquiries.

The General Contact listed in Block 2 of the FCC Form 498 will receive confirmation of the submission and approval of the form, and will be granted a user ID and password for USAC's E-File system.