Rural Health Care

Step 1 Before You Apply

A health care provider (HCP) seeking support for broadband service from the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program should determine whether it will apply for the HCF Program as an individual HCP or as a member of a consortium. The HCP should become familiar with program requirements before beginning the application process.

Deciding How to Apply

To begin, HCPs should determine which of the following methods of applying for HCF Program support will best meet its broadband and healthcare service needs. The HCP can apply as:

  1. An individual HCP, or
  2. A consortium (as a member of a new or existing consortium, or leader of a new consortium).

If an HCP decides to file for HCF Program support as an individual HCP, the first step is to get familiar with eligibility requirements and the application process.

Third-Party Authorization

If the HCP plans to use a consultant or other third party to submit HCF Program application forms, the HCP must first submit a written third-party authorization to USAC giving the third party authority to complete and submit forms on behalf of the applicant and assigning the applicant with responsibility for all liability for any errors, omissions, or misrepresentations that may be contained on the forms and documents. For more information about requirements, see the Third Party Authorization page.

Once the HCP has determined how to apply and is familiar with these basic requirements, it can proceed to Step 2: Determine Eligibility.