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Health Care Providers (HCPs)

Q1. My FCC Form 463 was approved by the service provider. When will USAC approve the form?

A1: There is a 30-day review window for all FCC Forms 463 once they are submitted by the service provider. This time frame may fluctuate based on volume at time of receipt. If an invoice is rejected by USAC, the HCP will receive a notification email detailing the reason. Once the rejected invoice is back in the HCP's queue, the HCP can make the necessary changes and resubmit the invoice. Please note that the invoice must be approved by the service provider again before it can be submitted to USAC for final approval. An invoice may be denied, rather than simply rejected, for reasons pertaining to program violations. Invoices that are denied cannot be resubmitted.

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Q2. Why can't I select a line item to invoice on? "N/A" appears next to the line item.

A2: There are a variety of reasons why you may not be able to select an FRN ID to invoice on. HCPs will not be able to add a line item to a new invoice if it is:

  • Under "Service Provider Review" or "USAC Review." You may have already submitted an invoice and it is either under service provider review or USAC review.
  • USAC Approved – Pending Disbursement. The invoice may have already been approved by the service provider and USAC, but if the previous invoice has not yet been fully processed you will not be able to submit a new invoice. Payment disbursements occur twice a month.
In "Draft Status." If the line item is already on a draft invoice, it cannot be added to another invoice. We recommend you only create one draft invoice at a time for each FRN, and delete any unwanted drafts.

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Q3. How do I invoice on one-time or upfront costs?

A3: Upfront and one-time costs may be collected in their entirety at any point during your funding commitment period. If your upfront costs have been prorated over several years, you may only invoice for the prorated per-year funding cost.

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Q4. Why does the amount in Column O (Total Eligible Actual Cost) not equal the amount in Column L (Total Cost Invoiced Undiscounted)?

A4: There are a variety of reasons why Column O and Column L may be different:

  • Column O is automatically calculated by multiplying Column L by Column M and Column N. If Column N (Percent of Expense Eligible) or Column M (Percent of Usage Eligible) are less than 100, then Column O will be reduced. Columns M and N are prepopulated from the FCC Form 462.
  • Previously approved FCC Forms 463 may have been processed with over-invoiced amounts, resulting in a current cap. Review previously approved invoices to calculate how much is left in the commitment.
  • Draft(s) may still be in My Portal, holding up commitment amounts and thus causing the system to cap funding in order to avoid over invoicing.

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Service Providers

Q5. When will my company receive the payment?

A5: USAC has two payment disbursements a month, on the 6th of the month and the 21st of the month, or the following business day if the 6th or 21st lands on a weekend or holiday. Payments are sent to the service provider either as a deposit into the account listed on the FCC Form 498 or as credit towards their universal service fund account balance, depending on if the service provider opted for voluntary netting.

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Q6. When should a service provider credit the HCP?

A6: Service providers are encouraged to credit HCPs in a timely manner after receiving payment. The invoicing process is not complete until the service provider has fulfilled this obligation.

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Q7. My invoice was approved by USAC. How can I get details on payments?

A7: USAC may give details to the appropriate parties in regards to account information and any reasons as to why payments are being withheld. To request this information, contact USAC's Customer Operations team (Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 4:30PM ET) at (888) 641-8722.

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Q8. What is an FCC RN and where can I find it?

A1: The FCC Registration Number (FCC RN) is a number assigned by the FCC to any service provider doing business with the FCC. The FCC RN can be found using the search tool on the FCC website, or on Block 3, Line 22, of a service provider's FCC Form 498.

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If you have further questions regarding the invoice process, please contact the RHC Help Desk by email or at (800) 453-1546; use prompt 3, then 1 to reach the Invoicing Team.