Rural Health Care

Step 7 Submit Funding Requests

Once a service provider is selected, the next step is for the applicant to submit the FCC Form 462, Funding Request Form, to provide information about the services selected and certify that those services were the most cost-effective option of the offers received.

USAC uses information provided on this form to calculate and issue funding commitments. All applicants requesting funding through the HCF Program must submit this form. If you are requesting services from multiple service providers, one FCC Form 462 must be submitted per service provider.

The FCC Form 462 must be submitted with all supporting documentation (e.g. copies of all bids submitted, scoring matrix, signed contract).

Applicants are prohibited from submitting funding requests for the same service (circuit) in the Telecommunications Program and the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program. Forms with missing or incomplete information or documentation cannot be processed. USAC reviews the form(s) and supporting documentation for accuracy and completeness and will contact the HCP if there are any questions or missing information. Health care provider and service provider representatives are strongly encouraged to respond to USAC inquiries in a timely manner as incomplete forms cannot be processed, and non-responsiveness will result in a denial of funding.

When to Submit

The FCC Form 462 must be submitted by the close of a funding request filing window period to be considered for full or partial funding. RHC Program filing window periods are fixed periods during which all requests received are treated as having been filed simultaneously for purposes of making funding commitment determinations. All qualifying funding requests (i.e., FCC Form 462) submitted by the close of the filing window period are guaranteed to receive at least a percentage of the funding requested. USAC will make funding decisions after the close of each filing window period.

While applicants cannot submit funding request forms outside of a filing window period, they can initiate and save these forms in My Portal before the filing window period opens.